True Love with my mom

It was 3 in the afternoon when I unlocked the ugly blue door to my 2nd-floor apartment. It was the last door in the corridor lined with 10 apartments on each side. The whole building had an old, musty smell and the discolored gray carpet was dirt with huge stains. The walls of the corridor had fading yellowish paint that made the whole building looked dismal.

My apartment was the last one on right, facing the trash chute and next to a large window.

I had lived here for the last 3 years, right after I married my Debbie. A couple of years older than me, Debbie was the perfect woman for me when we got married. She was 5′ 5″, slender, 120 lbs, blonde with nice 36 tits and tight ass. The romance was brief. Debbie didn’t want to wait too long so we married right after high school.

The first year was a blur. We were madly in love with each other, always fucking, always kissing and driving my mother crazy! Then one-day mom decided it was time for us to move out and Debbie and I found this apartment. Mom paid the rent for the first 6 months as our wedding gift and I got a job to pay the bills. Debbie decided to stay home.

After the first few months in the new apartment, I realized how difficult life really was. My job at the restaurant was not enough to pay the rent and the bills. Since I still loved my wife, I took a second job.

At 21, I was working 2 back-breaking shifts and barely making ends meet.

Debbie still didn”t work and had even stopped cooking and cleaning. I often came home to find the bucket or tacos for dinner, dirty laundry strewn around, dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen.

Not only that, Debbie had put on 70 lbs. We didn’t have medical insurance but I took her to a shrink who told me that she was probably depressed.

“Yeah! I knew that and that’s why I brought her to your asshole.” I thought as the doctor wrote the prescription.

Debbie refused to take the pills. She was happy watching TV and eating and spreading her legs every night for me.

After coming home, I watched some TV too and when I came to bed, I found my 200 lb wife naked or in her small, red teddy waiting for me to fuck her still tight cunt and ass. I liked that, at least in the beginning. But lately, I had lost interest in my fat wife lying on her back, naked with her legs spread. Her big tits and tight cunt just couldn’t get me hard anymore. All I saw was a woman who didn’t put any effort into making our lives better.

The doorknob was rusty and the door squeaked loudly as I pushed it open. A familiar sight greeted my eyes. My fat wife was sprawled on the couch watching her soaps, gorging on the bucket of chicken on the table in front of her. I cursed under my breath but still loud enough for her to hear me.

She looked at me lazily and then went back to watching TV. I was pissed. Goddamn it! I deserved better than this fat, sloppy slut.

I went straight to the kitchen.

“Debbie” I called her “come here a minute”

“What” she yelled from the couch.

“Come here” I yelled back.

“What do you need?” she refused to budge. “Get a plate. Dinner is here on the table”

“I don’t need dinner. I want you to clean this mess up here” I was really getting angry.

“I will do it later”, she said with finality.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I went into the living room and turned the TV off.

“Get off your fat ass, you bitch” I yelled at her.

“I am not a bitch and don’t talk to me like that” she jumped up from the couch with an agility I never thought a woman her size could have.

“All you do is to lie on that fuckign couch watching TV and eating all day”

“And all you do is to work or masturbate on this same couch,” she said sarcastically. “Yeah. I know what you do here every night you bastard.”

I was stunned. She was right. For the last few weeks, ever since I had lost interest in her I had turned to porn and masturbation. I never knew that she knew that.

I turned around and walked out of the door. My head was spinning and I didn’t know where to go but I just didn’t want to be there with her.

My mom lived about 100 miles away in the city and I hadn’t seen her in the last few months. I took my car and started driving.

A couple of hours later when I knocked on mom’s door, I was still agitated.

It was 7 in the evening. I was tired, hungry, and depressed. When mom opened the door, I couldn’t help it anymore. I hugged her and tears rolled down my eyes.

“What happened?” mom asked worriedly. “Is everything alright?”

She helped me to the couch in her 2 bedroom apartment and I sat down not knowing what to say or do.

She brought me a beer and held my hand as I told her the situation at home.

After listening to the story, mom hugged me and kissed my forehead.

“It will be alright honey. I never liked that Debbie anyway but you didn’t listen to me.”

I lifted my head and looked at my mother sadly.

She was a pretty woman, not too tall, 5′ 3″, a little plump at 160 lbs but not fat. She had an oval face, big brown eyes, brunette with her hair in a bun, pretty, full lips, and a gentle smile. She was wearing a red, silk see-through gown that didn’t go past her upper thighs, a half-cup bra, and a thong.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

Mom looked at the watch and gasped.

“Oh my God! It’s my guest. Listen honey why don’t you wait in another room. Feel free to lie down and watch some TV. I will cook for you and you can stay here tonight.

“Thanks, mom. Are you working again?” I asked.

She smiled gently and then got up pulling her little silk gown around her waist, making it ride up and exposing her almost naked, wide but tight hips.

I went inside. I could hear the man come in. I kicked off my shoes and flopped on the bed.

A few seconds later my mother walked in holding the man’s hand behind her. She had taken off her gown and now only had her little bra and panties on. She looked very sexy. Her almost naked body was glowing in the dimly lit room. Her long legs were smooth and little thong panties barely covered her pussy. Through the sheer material, I could tell she had shaved her cunt. Her belly had some fat and love handles on either side spilled over the thin string of her panties. Her unusually large tits were covered in sheer, half cup red bra that exposed her aerials and left nipple as her tits bounced around with no support. My mother always had large breasts – almost 40 G, they were full and pendulous with beautiful dark nipples.

Her neck and jaw showed signs of her age but her face still looked fresh.

At 49, my mother was still a very voluptuous and desirable woman.

All three of us were startled. I knew I had entered the wrong room and I could see mom getting annoyed but I had no idea she was servicing her clients in her bedroom. That was different. When I lived with her she always entertained in the living room or a separate service room.

I got up without a word and left the room.

“Sorry about that darling.” I heard mom apologize to her client.

“Just relax and could you put your donation on the table?”

“How much,” the man asked in a hoarse voice.

“That will be 60 babies” mom replied gently.

I had settled in the other room to give mom some privacy but the walls in these apartments were paper thin. I could hear the man unzip and his pant falling to the ground.

Mom giggled softly and I heard her say “No underwear? I like young boys. So impatient, so ready! Oooh! You are hard already”.

She giggled again.

I knew if I could hear them, they could hear me too. I sat back on the loveseat and picked up a magazine trying to focus on something other than the sounds my naked mother was making in the other room.

For the next ten minutes, all I heard was the man grunting loudly and my mother encouraging him as she earned her living.

“Oh yeah! Fuck that cunt baby! Fuck this whore” i heard her say between groans.

“Yeah!” the man grunted as he plowed my mother’s soft cunt.

“Oh yeah! Cum quickly baby” she said gently.

“I just got here” he complained.

“Yeah. but you only paid for 30 minutes and you were late. I need to talk to my son so hurry up.” mom sounded annoyed.

That was different too. My mother always enjoyed having sex. I had never heard her telling a man to hurry up and finish.

In the next few minutes, I heard the bed rocking a bit faster, and then there was silence.

“Good boy” mom finally said. “Did you cum?”

No response from the man but I could hear him roll off my mother.

“Let me help you with that.” I heard her say softly. “Oooh! you came so much in me! Did you like me, baby? Did I make you happy?”

The man laughed.

“C’mon let’s go, baby. The bathroom is over there and there are fresh towels behind the curtain.”

Five minutes later the man was gone and I came out. Mom was in the kitchen now. She only had her red little teddy on. Her underwear was on the kitchen floor and she didn’t put her bra back on either. I could see her naked body clearly in the bright light of the kitchen.

This brought back a lot of memories.

“What do you want to eat?” she said smiling.

“Whatever you want mom. I am hungry so something quick will be good.”

“Sure honey. I am sorry but I need the money so I have to work tonight. Do you mind?”

“Not at all, mom,” I said. Then I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her lightly on her cheek. “You know I appreciate what you do mom.”

“Thanks my love,” she said hugging me, crushing her mammoth breasts against my chest. “I am so glad to have a son like you.”

“Ok. Let me take care of dinner before the next guy arrives in 30 minutes. I only have one more after that and then we can relax together.”

“Sure mom. I will be in the room.”

I ate meatloaf and potatoes. Mom was always a fast cook, not a very good one but fast and decent.

I caught the glimpse of her next john, a while man about 65, balding with a thin, long nose and big round glasses. He had a sheepish look on his face.

“I wanted to see you today so bad Veronica.” I heard him say from the other room.

Veronica Buns. That was mom’s alias whenever she worked. The picture she used was that of her curvy hips in a red thong.

“I am glad you could come to me tonight.” mom said pleasantly. I could hear the man unzipping and his pants falling down.

In a few seconds, I heard him groan.

“Sorry. I am not hard.” I heard a man’s apologetic voice. He was a little ashamed but somehow comfortable confiding in my mother.

“Don’t worry darling. You have a nice cock. I will take care of you.”

mom whispered but I still heard it. In the next few minutes, i heard heavy breathing and a few groans.

“Oh Fuck! Oh shit! You have my whole cock and balls in your mouth! I have never felt like this before.”

I heard my mother’s muffled laughter as she thanked her patron with a mouthful.

It took only a few more seconds before I heard the man groaning growing louder before he grunted loudly.

“I am so sorry.” the man groaned. He didn’t sound sorry. A little ashamed perhaps but not sorry.

“Mmmm…” mom said slurping. “You are a delicious baby and you came so much. It was hard to gulp it all down!”

“Thanks!” the man said between short breaths.

“Did you like it darling?” mom said laughing.

“It was beautiful,” the man said, now relaxed.

He dressed and left. The whole session lasted no more than 10 minutes. When I came out mom was still at the door counting the money.

She looked up at me and handed me the bills – a wad of 5s and 1s.

“I don’t know where he works but he always has lots of ones!” she said giggling. I could see fresh cum in her teeth and on her lips.

“You want a drink?” she asked me. She had taken off the small gown and was now completely naked.

“Sure. I will take a beer mom.”

We sat on the couch and mom turned the tv on. She let her legs fall apart and that opened up her rather large pussy.

“Does it bother you?” She asked me when she saw me looking between her thighs.

“No mom. I have seen you naked before. I just didn’t know you were working again.”

“Oh, you know. I always liked doing this. It’s easy, it pays enough and I don’t have to worry about ‘falling in love’. I mean these guys come to me and I relax them. ”

I looked at my beautiful mother. Her eyes were sparkling. She seemed happy and satisfied and there was no guilt or pain on her face.

“So now tell me, honey. What’s up with you?”

“Oh, mom!” I suddenly couldn’t control myself and fell into her arms, burying my face in my mother’s large, warm, and naked breasts. She felt so soft.

Before I knew it I was lying down on the couch with my head on her lap and her nipple in my mouth. Mom ran her fingers through my hair.

“What’s wrong baby? It’s that bitch Debbie. Isn’t it?” she said gently but I could hear the anger in her voice.

I told her everything. About the laundry, the house, the dishes, compulsive eating, and shopping and she listened. When I was finished I felt like I had taken a huge load off my chest. My 3 years of frustration was finally spilling out and leaving me relaxed.

“It’s ok baby. I always knew that slut was not right for you. All she wanted was your good looks. She fucks good, doesn’t she?”

I opened my eyes and smiled at my mother. Her large breasts now rested on my chin and chest. She bent forward and kissed my forehead.

That night we slept in her bedroom together. Mom was naked and I only had my briefs on. My cock was semi-hard. Mom looked at me and rubbed her hand on my hardon.

“Do you wanna cum baby?” she whispered. ‘You know I can help you.”

“It’s ok mom. I am fine.”

“Are you sure? It will help you fall asleep.”

“thank you mom but I am ok. Really. Maybe tomorrow morning before I go to work.”

she kissed my face and we cuddled till we fell asleep.

The next day I left before she was up. I went home for lunch before the second shift started. Familiar sight greeted me. The house was still not clean, dirty dishes still filled the kitchen sink but the laundry was done at least one load. My fat ass wife was bent over trying to pick random junk from the dirty, stained carpet.

“It needs to be cleaned.” I blurted as I noticed her fat, naked hips under thin, white cotton panties. At one time her ass was barely 32 inches wide, tight, and delicious. Now it spread to almost 44 inches.

Her buttocks had accumulated lot of loose fat that dragged her whole ass down. Her fat belly hung loosely as did her tits and for some reason this gave me a raging hardon.

Debbie stood up and turned around to look at me.

“Where were you all night? I was worried.” she said. I didn’t believe her. I saw anger in her eyes but not concern.

“Out. I stayed at mom’s.”

“Oh. How’s is Carol doing?” Debbie said wiping the sweat off her forehead. She didn’t have anything but those little white panties on and I saw her entire body covered in sweat. Perhaps she was trying to work out.

“She is ok. A little busy but she’s doing well otherwise.”

Debbie didn’t know what my mother did for a living and she didn’t care.

“Well. Why don’t you sit down. I cooked for you today.” she said smiling.

I knew I had to have her. I stepped forward and grabbed her arms and glued my lips to my fat and dirty wife’s lips.

In a minute we were on the carpet, my rock hard cock trying to find her cunt but Debbie guided me in her rectum.

In less than a minute, even before I had fully buried my cock in my wife’s ass, I came. Most of my cum fell outside but some managed to get into my fat wife’s ass. Debbie didn’t let it go. She started laughing.

“It has finally happened Larry!” she said, her big belly and tits shaking as she laughed uncontrollably.

“You have turned into a shemale. Same as those you like to watch on internet and masturbate.”

I was hurt and looked at her.

“I know Larry. I know what you do when I go to bed. What do you imagine when you look at those men with breasts? Do you fantasize about sucking their cocks? Or maybe you like them fucking you.”

Debbie’s laughter had now turned into a sinister chuckle as she went on insulting me.

That was it. I got up, pulled up my pants and tore out of the house.

I wanted to get to the only place I knew I could. My mom’s.

Debbie knew it too.

“Go hide in your mama’s arms you asshole.” she said as I opened the door. “Let her know what a big man her son is. I wonder what she would say when she finds her son can’t even satisfy his wife!”

I knew the neighbors could hear us. Mrs Weisel looked at me funny.

Big tittied grandmother of 3 always dressed conservatively and I could tell she never liked me but always talked to Debbie.

I half ran through the corridor and down the stairs. When I reached mom’s place an hour later my eyes were dry but I was exhausted. I used the spare key to enter the apartment. Mom was in her bedroom with a client. I could hear them haggling over money.

“I said 60. I don’t offer free sex honey.” mom was telling the john.

“But I told you I only had 40 today. You said it was ok.” he argued back.

“That was for 15 minutes and only a handjob. You fucked my ass. You owe me 100 but you have to give me 60 right now.” she was getting impatient.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I entered the room surprising them both. Mom was still naked but the man had put his pants on.

“I need to talk to you mom.” I said looking at her.

“Sure honey. Is everything ok?” she was worried.

I just nodded. Mom yanked the 2 twenties from her john and almost pushed him out.

“Fuck off man. I don’t want you back here.” she said pushing him out of the room.

The man mumbled as he left.

I told my mother everything including my inability to have sex with my wife. Mom refused to believe there was something wrong with me.

“Its not you baby. That bitch is making you anxious and that’s why you cant perform. I see men like that all the time and they perform wonderfully once they get comfortable with me.” she reassured me.

“Don’t let this get you down. You are a fine young man, just 22 and you are at your peak baby. Men like you make me cum even when I don’t want to”

That night as we slept in the same bed, my mother made me strip off my underwear and masturbate. We were on her service bed and i could see cum stains all over the bedsheet but my mother didn’t care. She encouraged me to rub my cock all the while complementing its size and strength. It didn’t work. I came even while I was taking my tight briefs off. Milky, white sperms shot forth from the tip of my cock and landed between mom and I. It had been less than 30 seconds since I had achieved a hardon. I was hurt. I couldn”t perform in front of the 2 women I really loved.

I could tell my mother was a little shocked too. She never believed there was anything wrong with her son but now she couldn’t avoid it anymore. The proof lay on her bed, just inches from her body. She touched my cum on bed and rolled it around her fingers.

“It is not as thick.” She said rubbing a glob between her thumb and index finger.

“I think it may be because this was your second time in just a couple of hours. But you did cum a lot. So you are producing enough sperms but you just need to relax a bit.” She touched my groin and pressed her fingers looking for tension spots.

“Don’t worry baby. You need to learn a bit of self control and I can teach you how.”

That night, I came twice more. Once when she accidentally touched my cock while we were talking about exercises I had to do and later when i slept and had a dream about Debbies fat ass.

Next morning Debbie called me at 8. She wanted me to come back home.

As she told me how much she missed me, my cock started dripping. Mom noticed that growing wetness in my pants and took them off even as I talked to my wife.

“I can’t come Debbie. I am at work now.” I lied to her while my mother yanked my underwear off.

“When will you be done? Are you coming home for lunch?” Debbie asked.

Mom had now grabbed my cock and was running her fingers from base to head, examining for any problems. This just made matters worse and more cum leaked from my semi erect cock.

“I am not sure Debbie. I might just spend the day with guys.” I aid trying to control my voice as constant cumming drained me of all energy.

“Ok. I will be waiting for you in bed tonight. “debbie said before putting the phone down.

I collapsed on the couch while my mother wiped my cock and balls with my briefs.

“I think I know why you can’t hold it.” she said patting my balls and ass.

“The base of your cock is weak. You need to clench your buttocks more and that will help. It is not very different from what I do to keep my pussy tight.”

That day I started a new workout with mom’s help including clenching, lifting weights, eating right and meditating. In a week I felt better. Preejaculation was now thing of the past and my self confidence had returned. I hadn’t seen my wife in a week and I did miss her.

Finally, on seventh day I told mom I wanted to spend the night with Debbie. She wasn’t happy.

“You sure about that? The bitch can send you back to impotency and preejaculation. You dont need that. You don’t need her.”

But I left and spent the night with Debbie. She stayed naked all night and I noticed that she had put on a few more pounds and now weighed over 200. But I still liked her and came in her several times.

When I woke up next morning, I felt happy and satisfied.

Debbie wasn’t in the bed. When she came out she threw me a look of contempt and disdain.

“Still not a man Larry! You came on my ass, chest and thighs. You couldn’t stay in my cunt for more than a few seconds.”

“I was better than last time.” I said hurt. “I will get better.”

“Better, maybe. But you will never be good enough Larry. ” she said with a cruel smile.

That was it. I jumped out and grabbed her hair.

“Yeah. Thats it daddy! Hurt me. Maybe that will make me cum because your sissy cock can’t.”

I pushed her aside and went to mom’s.

Mom was naked, kneeling betwee a man’s thighs sucking on his cock.

She had her hands on her hips, pulling them apart gently as she sucked the man and slurped loudly.

When she heard me, she turned around. Her client’s large, soft cock and big white balls spilled out of her sexy mouth. He looked up at me too.

In a second mom guessed what had happened. Her upper lip twisted in contempt and anger and then she turned around and took her customer’s giant soft penis in her mouth again. I went inside and waited for my mother to finish her job while I watched some TV and tried to push my big assed wife out of my mind.

10 minutes later my mother entered the room. She was naked but for little red thong that she had now put on. She looked into my eyes and realized that things were worse than what she had thought.

“Take off your clothes.” she said finally.

I didn’t have will or strength to deny her wish. I stripped down to my underwear. She noticed the bulge and then looked at me and barked “Everything!”

I took my underwear off. My semi hard cock jumped out and soon gained full erection.

My almost naked mother took a step towards me. I saw her large, pendulous tits jiggle on her belly, her belly fat jiggled too. Then she raised her right hand and “SMACK!” it landed on my face.

Her touch was enough to send me to orgasm. My cock erupted and few drops of semen leaked out and fell on the carpet. SMACK! she slapped me again.

“Didn’t I tell you not to go back to that slut? Look what she did. You can’t hold it in even for a minute. I will have to start all over again!”

I knew she was right and I knew she was just trying to help me.

“Sorry mom” I mumbled.

“ITs not your fault honey” she said stroking my face gently. “I know it is that fat whore you call your wife. I should have done something about it long time ago.”

She turned around and walked back to the closet. I saw her thin red thong disappear between her wide soft hips.

“Call Debbie. Tell her you got paid today and want to take her out to make up for your pathetic performance in bed yesterday.”

I called my wife and put her on speaker so that mom could hear her as well.

“Debbie. Would you like to go for lunch honey?” I said gently.

“Where the fuck are you Larry?”

“At mom’s”

“Again? God Larry! You know I don”t like that bitch of a mother of yours. She is a whore you know. My mother told me she saw her ad in local paper.”

“I am sorry baby” I said trying to contain my anger. “Its just that I got my bonus today and I thought we could go out.”

There was a moment’s silence and then I heard Debbie getting off the couch.

“I will be there by noon.”

As soon as I hung up, mom patted my arm and reassured me. “I will take care of everything. You just be a good boy and do what I tell you to do.”

“Yes mother.” I said looking down at the floor.

About 2 hours later we heard Debbie climbing the stairs of the apartment. Mom and I were on the couch watching TV. I was still naked.

Mom was still in her thong. We looked at each other and then mom whispered -“Do exactly as I told you and don’t let her turn around.” I nodded and she went to her bedroom.

Debbie knocked at the door few seconds later. When I let her in, she was dressed in pink dress that fell a few inches below her ass. If she bent over, I would have seen her panties. She also had pink pumps and matching lipstick. Her dress was low cut, revealing her large tits in black, push up bra.

I was still naked. Looking at my sexy wife, my cock sprang back to life. Debbie was surprised to see me like that.

“Why are you naked in your mom’s apartment?”

“She’s not here.” I lied grabbing her arm and leading her to the living room. “Why don’t we use this time to be together?”

“Here?” she said looking around at the small living room.

“Just get naked baby.” I said trying to unbutton her dress.

For some reason Debbie was more suggestible today than every before.

Maybe it was the lure of money that I told her I had. Whatever it was, it didn’t take her long to lift her dress over her head.

“Should I touch you?” she said giving her tits and ass a little shake.

“Or will tat make you cum?”

“Just take everything off” I said pulling at her bra.

She took her bra straps off her shoulder and let them fall down. Then she lifted the cups and freed her breasts. Her large, heavy tits were still firm and bounced lightly. Her long pink nipples were erect.

Then she slid her thumbs in her black panties and with one clean motion pushed it down, letting it fall to her ankles. She stepped out of them and now my fat wife was naked.

She turned around, letting me admire her big, wide ass.

“You like that Larry? You wanna fuck my big booty on your mom’s couch?”

I grabbed her and my cock gave a familiar twitch. I clenched my hips trying to hold my cum inside. I didn’t want to cum just yet.

I grabbed Debbie tight and then yelled “Now!”

My mother raced out of the bedroom and grabbed my wife from the front.

She was still naked but now had a strap on with big, black, veined cock jutting from her crotch. She also had big black boots that matched the strap on and a cat mask.

“What the fuck…” Debbie yelled.

“Get the leather crop Larry” my mother yelled holding on to her prey.

I picked it up from under the cushion on the couch.

“What the fuck is wrong with you guys!” Debbie yelled trying to free herself. Her naked tits rubbed agains my mother’s large pendulous ones and I could see mom trying to insert her large cock in my wife’s pussy.

“Get off me you slut!” she said trying to push mom away but couldn”t “What are you waiting for Larry? Do it now!” mom said pushing her large dildo up my wife’s pussy.

I raised the crop and then with one swift motion brought it down, right on my wifes large naked hips. She yelped and jumped. A red welt appeared where the crop had hit her. I raised it again and again. Soon my wife’s delicious big ass was covered in painful red welts. She was crying and my mom was laughing.

“That’s it honey. Beat the shit out of this slut. Look how much she likes getting fucked by my black cock. Your wife is a whore Larry. A black cock lover.” my mom said Debbie had now stopped struggling. She let herself go limp and fell on the carpet. Mom got on top of her and now openly fucked my wife.

She slapped her face with an open hand.

“This Debbie, is for marrying my son when he was still a teenager SMACK! Another slap.

“This is for making him feel so bad and impotent.”

In a minute, I saw Debbie’s face contort with passion. She lifeted her ass and suddenly squirted her juices high up, right on mom’s face and chest.

Mom laughed. I was hard.

“This slut is done!” she said looking at me.

“Take your wife inside Larry. Let her clean up and bring her out when she is ready.” she said pulling the rubber cock out.

“What if she tries to run mom?” I asked worried.

“She won’t. Will you fatass? my mom said pulling Debbie’s hair. Debbie just lay there, saying nothing. She knew she had been defeated. Not by me or mom, but by her own kinky sex fetish. She lost when she came while my mother raped her and all three of us realized that Debbie liked to be abused.

That evening I laid out the dress my mother had picked out for Debbie. It was a red, slingshot bikini made of a single piece of cloth barely an inch wide and joined at one end forming shape of a ‘V’ in the front and a ‘Y’ in the back. The cloth covered just her nipples and the little triangle covered her fat cunt. Her ass was naked as the cloth disappeared between her fat hips and it split into two on her lower back to go over the shoulder and in front.

When we came out, mom was already in the living room, dressed in her leather pants which had no bottoms, leaving her sexy wide hips exposed. She also had a sheer tube top with no bra on. Her large nipples pushed against the thin, tight material of the top as her over developed tits strained the top.

She looked at Debbie and me and then asked me to get naked. I didn’t waste much time. My cock sprang forth and my balls hung loosely.

“Isn’t he a beautiful boy Debbie?” mom said, running her fingers over my wife’s naked bottom.

“Yes” Debbie whispered.

“Does’nt he have the most beautiful cock in the world? I mean a fat slut like you is just lucky to be with him.” she said grabbing Debbie’s right tit in her hand and squeezing her nipple between her index finger and thumb.

Debbie bit her lip to keep from screaming.

“Well, why don’t you go down and suck my son Debbie. You can use some cock juice. Hell, I can use some cock juice right now.” mom said licking her lips.

Debbie fell to her knees without a word and then she started sucking my dick.

My mother held my hand and gently kissed my face. “Just hold on my darling. You can control it. The woman who emasculated you is now your slave and mine. You have nothing to fear love. Just be yourself. Just be a man.”

I squeezed my mother’s hand and looked into her kind, gentle eyes as my wife tried to make me cum with her mouth. For the first time in 6 months, I didn’t feel helpless. I was in control over this bitch and I could cum when I was ready. I knew she would never laugh at me again.

It was 15 minutes of intense blow job that finally made me shoot my sperms in my wife’s mouth.

My mother was proud. She made Debbie spit out the cum in a shot glass. It was thick, white and very creamy.

Mom held the glass up. She then looked at me and said – “I told you there was nothing wrong with you. It was just this fucking bitch turning you into her toy”

“Thanks mom!” I felt happy and content.

My mother than handed the glass back to Debbie who drank it in one big gulp.

“Come. You need to rest.” my mother took my hand and made me sit on the couch.

“Do you want anything?”

“I am kinda hungry mom”

“We’ll let this bitch cook for us tonight. Won’t you bitch?” my mother asked my wife.

“Sure Carol. “Debbie replied quietly and went into kitchen.

Mom and I sat on the couch and she handed me a few tissues to clean myself up.

“Don’t worry honey. The night is not over yet.” she said stroking my face again.

After we had dinner, mom turned the music on. Debbie, still in her slingshot bikini danced for us while mom and I sipped wine. After we had a few glasses my mother encouraged me to fuck Debbie again. She brought her whip and as I fucked my wife, my mother spanked, slapped and whipped my helpless wife. In a few minutes, Debbie came and squirted all over me and mom.

“That took you exactly 3 minutes” mom said laughing. I wasn’t sure who she was talking to.

Over next few days, Debbie served my mother and me everyday from day break to midnight. Mom never let her sleep for more than 6 hours. She got little food and she did all the chores around the house. Both mom and I had sex with Debbie, as and when we pleased. Debbie never resisted though I could tell she liked it when my mother abused her physically and verbally.

In all this time, I never came prematurely. I was cured. Debbie on the other hand couldn’t hold herself for long. She started to shake and orgasm, moment my mother slapped her face or spanked her cunt.

Once, when mom’s hand accidentally touched Debbie’s wide bottom, her entire body quivered and she reached climax, wetting her thin white panties.

Mom showed that to me and said “Your wife can’t control herself Larry. She cums in seconds and we need to teach her some self discipline.”

I laughed. “Why mom? Let her cum. Lets find out if we can find a way to exploit that.”

Next day mom invited a few of her clients over and rather than fucking them, she introduced them to the idea of fucking my wife while my mother helped and watched. Most guys loved the idea of two girls and everybody loved the idea of mother-in-law introducing her son’t wife to prostitution.

Debbie made $400 that night.

When mom saw the last client off, she came to the bedroom. Mom and I always slept together. We cuddled and mom often masturbated me, helping me learn different tricks to become a better lover. Tonight she made Debbie sleep in the middle.

“Feel my cunt” she commanded Debbie as my naked wife lay between mom and I.

“Its wet and sticky.” Debbie said moving her fingers inside my mother’s cunt.

“Thats the cum of my john’s Larry. I didn’t wash today.” mom said.

She then got up. We still had a lamp on and both Debbie and I watched mesmerised as my mother stood up on the bed. Her huge pendulous tits swung wildly and little rolls of fat rippled around her ass as she tried to balance herself above us.

She then parted her hips revealing her large well used cunt and over used asshole.

Fresh cum oozed out of my mother’s cunt and landed on my wife’s face whole licked it all up.

Mom then squatted a bit more and positioned her ass over my face. Her asshole opened up and thick white sperms rushed out and dripped all over my lips and tongue. I licked it.

“How did it taste?” she asked me.

“It was delicious mom!” I said happily.

“Want some more honey/” she said teasing me.

“You know it mom! I have been eating cum from your ass since I was seven. I love it. Please don’t deny me my favorite gift mom.” I begged my mother.

Debbie watched open mouth. She knew mom and I were close and in last week she had seen we didn’t mind being naked around each other or even fucking people around each other, but this blew her mind. I was eating cum from my mother’s asshole and we were both loving it.

Mom parted her ass cheeks more and inserted her fingers in her anus.

This opened the tight hole and more cum oozed out. As it fell in my mouth, mom started masturbating, rubbing her clit and pussy. Within minutes she came, and squirted all over my wife’s face. She fell on her knees and glued her cunt to Debbie’s mouth, almost smothering her.

Then she rocked back and forth, masturbating and climaxing in my fat wife’s mouth.

Debbie was struggling to breathe but mom’s grip was tight.

When she was done, Debbie had passed out.

Mom rolled over and fell on her side of the bed.

“that was beautiful.” she said between breaths.

“IT was lovely mom. The best so far.” I said reaching over my wife and running my fingers through my mother’s beautiful hair.

“Did you cum too? she asked “Not yet mom. But I can wait.” I replied “Do you want to fuck me?” mom asked “Noooooo mother!” I shrieked. “We are not savages. We cannot fuck!”

“Then fuck you wife Larry. I want to see you erupt again.” my mother commanded.

I immediately got on top of still dazed Debbie and pushed my cock in her pussy. Debbie struggled a bit but mom held her down and my wife got raped again. When I came I pulled my cock out and let all the cum fall on Debbie’s fat belly.

My mother encouraged me. “Yeah that’s’ it you motherfucked. Cum on that bitch.” She rolled her fingers in my cum and then said “Will it still be incest if I ate your cum Larry?”

“Dunno mom.” I replied thinking.

“It won’t be incest” Debbie said, surprising us both.

Mom and I looked at her amused. This was a woman whom we had been raping several times a day for almost a week. Her body was covered with marks left by leather crop, whips and spankings.

Debbie looked at me and kissed my lips. She then turned to mom and kissed her tits.

“I understand you now Larry. You have the most beautiful relationship with your mother. You guys care about each other more than any two people can and you express that in every way.”

Mom and I looked at each other and then back at Debbie. Her eyes were now wet.

“Carol, you love your son so much that you were willing to put up with me. You even treated him and you treated me too! You never judged your son. You just wanted to help him”

Debbie kissed mom’s lips again and then turned towards me.

“Larry, you love your mother so much that you would watch over her as she fucked strange men. You even swallow sperms left in her ass and cunt by her lovers because you know your mother needs attention, affection and care that no lover can give her. I hope I have a son as dedicated as you are to your mother.”

Debbie was openly sobbing now and so was my mother. My eyes were getting wet as I watched the two women I loved the most finally hugging each other and showing their love.

Debbie kissed me on the lips and rolled her tongue in me. She collected my spit and then turned around again. Now she kissed mom and pushed my saliva into my mom’s mouth.

“I am so glad you both let me” Debbie said once she and mom broke the kiss.

“Listen Larry, Carol. If you two want to be together, I will get out of the way. Carol, if you want to marry your son, I will divorce him and you can live together forever.”

My mother couldn’t control herself anymore. She started sobbing loudly. Tears ran down her beautiful eyes and on her face before hitting the pillow.

“You think I haven’t thought about it Debbie? Every night since Larry first glued his little lips to my cunt to suck the cum, I have imagined what it would be like to marry him. He was 12 when we almost had a wedding too. Wait, I will show you.” Mom leaped off the bed and fetched an album from nearby drawer.

Debbie looked at the pictures of my mother in her wedding dress. It was white and mom looked very pretty.

“It was designed by a French designer just for me. He was a client of mine.” mom said. She wasn’t crying anymore.

The dress rested on my mother’s big breasts. The built in bra cups held her tits high, rather than letting them fall to her belly as they otherwise would. Small, inch wide holes exposed her pierced nipples and cheap gold jewelery hung from each one.

“Larry bought those for me. He saved his weekly allowance to buy me those as wedding gift.” mom said.

The dress left mom’s belly uncovered, exposing her little belly fat which looked very sexy as it added to her “Mrs. Robinson” appeal.

Bottom of the dress was a white thong, white stockings and garters.

She had black pumps with 4 inch heels and her veil fell all the way to ground.

There were several pictures of mom in that dress, one from each angle and she looked beautiful.

“You chose a white dress?” Debbie asked a little confused.

Mom laughed. “I was a prostitute but I had never fucked Larry. I felt like a virgin Debbie and I wanted to show my groom that after I married him, I will not fuck another man unless he wanted me to.”

“Oh. I see” was all Debbie said as she flipped through the album.

Next few pictures were of me. At 12, I was shorter than my mother and looked much younger but I looked cute in my black Tuxedo.

“Wasn’t he handsome?” mom asked as she ran her hand over the picture.

“All my friends were jealous I was marrying such a young and beautiful boy.”

“So what happened?” Debbie finally asked.

Mom and I looked at each other and mom sighed. She finally pointed to an older woman in the picture.

“That was my mother. Larry’s grandma.” mom said tapping her finger on the picture of stern looking old woman.

“She convinced Larry that if he married me, he will be punished. God will strike down and send us to hell for all eternity.”

“Wow! She must have been pissed” Debbie said looking up.

“Yeah. The stuck up bitch screwed with my life every time I tried to be happy.” mom said angrily.

“Larry dumped me at the alter, after I had recited my vows to him.”

mom said, her eyes getting wet again.

“But I have been fulfilling my vows, even if we didn’t get married that day.”

“What do you mean?” Debbie asked.

“Mom never fucks a man unless I tell her it is okay to do so.” I said.

“Even when she is working, she calls me when she is expecting a new client. She tells me who it is, how much he is paying and what he wants from her. If I don’t tell her to go ahead, mom cancels the appointment.”

“Oh my God!” Debbie said. “You guys love each other so much. Its amazing.”

“If it weren’t for that fucking bitch you would have been married.”

Mom sighed again.

“Look Carol, Larry loves you very much and he will never love anybody like that. Not even me. So why not give it another shot? I will set everything up for your wedding.”

Mom looked at me.

“What do you say honey? Think you are ready to marry your mother now?” she asked me. I could sense sadness and hope in her voice.

“I love you mom.” I said gently running the back of my hand over her face.

She smiled. Debbie smiled too.

“Larry, you and your mother need each other. You can’t live without each other.”

“I know” I said. “But I can’t. I made a promise I cannot break.”

Mom hung her head between her shoulders. Debbie looked at me annoyed.

“What the fuck Larry? Your mother needs you. She has done so much for you and all she’s asking for is that you be a man she has helped you become.”

“I can’t” I said. Tears ran down my eyes.

“Its okay honey” mom whispered as she patted my arm. “I am just happy I have you in life.”

“Debbie, we are happy. I would have loved to be his wife and God knows I would have served him like a wife every day. But Larry has made up his mind and it is my duty to respect his wish.”

“Well” Debbie said “I think i can still help you both. Larry, put your cock in me”

I was a little puzzled but I had been hard for a while. I scooted over to Debbies parted legs and entered her cunt. She kissed me.

“Carol, now you put your cock in my ass”

We now understood what Debbie was trying to do. That night mom and I fucked my wife together.

Debbie helped us explore new limits and we all understood and accepted our relationship.

Debbie was to stay my wife and my mother’s slave. I still had first right on cum in my mother’s ass while Debbie got first dibs at sperms in her cunt.

Debbie and I were not to fuck each other unless mom was in the room but my mother could fuck Debbie anytime she wanted.

A few months after we started out, we are all tremendously happy. Mom and Debbie have developed a strong bond and are in love.

Last week, I finally made the arrangements. Mom and Debbie got married in a private ceremony. Debbie loves being our wife and serves both mom and I well. Mom still asks me before she fucks anybody. Next month we are going to Paris to celebrate our 6 months in bliss. Mom confided in Debbie that she will try to seduce me again with the intention of marrying me while we are in paris. But I know I won’t do it. I just love it the way it is.

I am happy.

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