Sex with Neighbor Aunty- Affair sex stories

Sex with Neighbor Aunty- Affair sex stories

The story(I would not prefer to say it story as it was real incident) was about how seduced my tenant Aunt name Sunitha(the SEX BOMB) fair complexion aged about 32 and a perfect figure 34-30-36 Damn!! Big BOOBS, curved waist, SEXY ASS would make any man ejaculate then and there it self. The story will be bit long and I will narrate in such a ROMANTIC!! way that every scene will make a frame in your mind.

Coming to the story(Happened in the month of August 2017) The Heroin of the story lives in downstairs of my building from 3yrs. Her husband works in a private company leaves 8:00AM in the mrng and will return late nights. They have no kids. From the day she came to our apartment I had eyed on her and decided to fuck her very badly. Aunty visits my home daily to chit chat with my mother, whenever she comes I would stare at the boobs she even notices and never said anything, I would take advantage of that will stare at the cleverage whenever possible.

Porn Sex Story
Porn Sex Story

The actual story begins here.. It was Thursday while I’m starting to my office as my loving aunty stays in ground floor and bathroom is not attached one. So, I will look at bathroom while leaving to office will try my luck weather I can see my heroin. Before starting my bike I have seen my aunty’s used BRA and PANTY were left outside of the bathroom. I slowly walked near the bathroom and stolen the both BRA and Panty and kept in my bag and left for office. Soon after going office I directly walked into the washroom and took out the beautiful BRA and panties and masturbated thinking of my aunt and filled my Juices on them and packed into my bag.

In the evening while returning from office I put some courage and went to my aunty home and took out the BRA from my bag and gave to her and said a Dog entered our house and saw tearing your bra so I have beaten the dog and dragged the bra from her mouth. She hesitantly took her bra and dint asked about panties and conveyed a thanks to me. I left home and masturbated very happily.

Fucking Horny Neighbor | English Sex Story

Next day It is the Festive day of VaraLakshmi(FRIDAY) pooja, my Mom called her to offer her rituals. Aunty was climbing the stairs by calling my mom, soon I noticed my Sexy was coming and made myself nude and wrapped towel around my waist and went to the main door and invited her home and said mom just went to her sister home the next street and will return in 5mins and request her to wait till my mom comes. I made aunty to sit in sofa and I sat opposite to her in a chair wit a nail cutter in my hand. I lifted my right leg and kept on the chair in such a way that my towel makes clear view of my Fully Erected MANHOOD would clearly visible to Sunitha aunty and I acted as cutting my nails. Aunty was enjoying the view of my tool and observed change in her facial expression.

I got form the chair asked offered a glass of water and slowly loosened my towel so that it can fall. In no time my towel dropped, Sunitha aunty shocked by seeing my manhood and asked me to cover, soon I took my bag and took out the stolen PANTY of her and wore in front of her. She felt shy and smiling silently. In the meantime, I noticed my mom is coming and wrapped towel and escaped to bathroom and masturbated hardly and smelt and rubbed the panty all over my body. While going to office I went to Aunty home and returned her PANTY for which she got shy and said so you are the DOG!! And winked at me, I smilingly said yes.. and went office spent time by thinking of the morning incident.

Next day was Saturday(Weekend) my mom asked me to take her to the temple, So I called Sunitha aunty and informed her the same and asked her to come with us. She soon agreed and asked my mom whether she can join and my mom agreed. We three left to the temple in my car..My mom was sitting in the front seat. Aunty sat backside and I’m teasing from the rear mirror. She was enjoying my acts. We reached temple in 30mins and I was in front of Sunitha aunty in the darshan line so that I can feel aunty BOOBS. I enjoyed her softer BOOBS…. from her yellow silk saree which made me crazy. sometimes I touched them and poked them silently she never said anything.Affair sex stories

In the evening my mom informed Sunitha aunty that she and my dad are going for a function in our village for 2 days and asked if she can cook for me. Aunty happily agreed. On Sunday early morning my parents left to village in my car. I woke up at 6 O’clock and waited till her husband leaves for office in the meantime I masturbated thinking of my dream might come true today. Soon after uncle left aunty called me for breakfast. I went in Lungi(NO INNER) and Tee.

Aunty was in pink plain shiny nighty which was sticking to her body made me MAD!!! my ROD became hard in no time. She noticed my hardon and smiled silently. She offered me breakfast to the sofa. While I’m having my breakfast she went for bath. As their bathroom is outside before she comes from bath I went inside their bedroom and sat on bed. Aunty came from bath and requested me to stay in hall so that she can change her dress. Before leaving bedroom I asked her about her used inners if she left outside or not so that Dog will take it again by saying this I winked at her she felt shy and closed the door.

Public sex
Public sex

After few mins she came out of the room….Damnnn man….by seeing her OMGGG!!! She wore a blue saree with deep lowcut blouse from where her cleavage is clearly visible her Navel was clearly visible made my nerves burn… ohhh Goshhh.. couldn’t resist seeing her like that. I complemented her…. Saying aunty you look sooo SEXY….. and feeling to have wife like you. By listening this aunty said thanks. I took pics of her in my phone and selfies of both. God!!! While taking selfie I put my hand around her waist!!! My ROD touched her ASS!!! Ahhhh… It was heavenly feeling!!! Her perfume made me mad… OMGG such a great pleasure I had.Affair sex stories

Aunty asked me to get chicken from the market I readily agreed and brought. Now she has to prepare masala for chicken. She asked me to help to take out spices tin on the top shelf. Even I was not that tall to hold it. So I jumped to catch the box while jumping aunty was having a glance at my erection. In the 3rd attempt of my jump I succeeded to catch box but my LUNG!! Dropped from my waist. I acted as I dint noticed and started helping her in chopping onions.

She was silently enjoying by seeing my Thick strong PENIS. After 2mins she informed me about my lungi and I said leave it aunty I’m comfortable like this. I asked aunty to close the door if someone comes it will not be good. She agreed and closed the door and came back to kitchen and stared marinating the chicken by seeing my DICK!! I said I’m feeling suffocated and removed my Tee-Shirt too. And also forced aunty to remove her Saree as it was hot inside, She hesitantly agreed and I somehow managed to take off her saree. Now she was on her lowcut blouse and petticoat which made me MAD!! And she continued her kitchen work and I was teasing her..

While marinating the chicken a pinch of chilly powder slipped from her hand and fell on my DICK(Don’t know if she has done with plan or not) I shouted in pain immediately she caught my DICK with her hand to help me but in hurry she forgot that her hand has marinated paste. I shouted in more pain she got panicked and took my MANHOOD in her mouth and started sucking it…Ahhh… this is the first time I have experienced the Pleasure in pain… OMG!!!! My Dick was paining but I’m enjoying the every moment of the pain. She cleaned the entire masala on my tool in the meantime I loaded one full round of juice in her mouth she drank every drop of it. After that she brought cold water and cleaned with it. She asked me if the pain has gone or not and I said still I’m paining a bit and asked her to apply some Kool Curd to my Dick!!! She brought curd and applied and made me to sit on sofa.

Now I hugged her from behind and placed the FIRST KISS on her neck and licked the same place for few mins simultaneously my both hands are on the boobs massaging on her blouse. She was getting mad on my licking. Slowly I moved to her earlobs and licked with my tongue by circulating. She was getting mad. Now I came to her LIPS and we smooched like there is no TOMORROW and I slowly removed her blouse and removed the knot of the petticoat. By seeing this my Dick is regained its strength. The curd on my dick is getting dried and becoming sticky so I ordered her to clean it she cleaned with her tongue while she was cleaning I removed the hooks of her BRA……… and was shocked to see her melons.

I made her to sit on sofa and held the left BOOB with my Right hand and kept in my mouth and the other hand was pressing the right one… Ohhh….Ah….. what a feeling it was.. while I’m sucking and pressing her breasts she was moaning loudly with pleasure like Issshhhhh……. hmmmmm…. Ufffff…… Ahhh….. Ahhh…. Issshhh… Now I changed the side and sucked more harder she was unable to control and started to shout more loudly in telugu haaaaahhh……. Gattiga… cheeku… raaa. Inka..gattiga… ahhh. Alanee… aapaku….uhhh… amma…… I caught both BOOBS in two hands placed my head in between the big MELONS….and rubbed my face in between them…. I made her to lay on the sofa and I went up on her and lifted her left hand and started lick her arm..for which she was dying in pleasure and simultaneously I was playing with her Breasts….she is encouraging me more for my acts and give her more pleasure.

We both moved to the bedroom and made her lay on the bed and I went up on her and started to lick her Navel, I placed my tongue in her navel and circulating…she was playing with my hair and making sounds in pleasure….hmmm… ahhh….uffff… while playing licking her navel I slowly placed my hand on her panty and started to massage her pussy…. Over her panty…she became uncontrollable and making sounds more loudly…I slowly slide my hand into her panty and touched the love spot for the first time…. I felt goosebumps on my body. I soon removed her panty in the excitement!!!!!!! Oh…My…God!!!!! I felt mad on looking at….

It was an awesome feeling to see her nude… she was laying on the bed, I went between her legs and it was filled with her juice in no time I started eating her pussy and licked her every part of it… she was in pleasure and started screaming Issss…uffff… ahhh.. amma….OMG!!!!!!… don’t stop.. I staring for this pleasure since many days… please don’t stop.. suck me.. lick me.. bite me.. tear me.. meke me yours… ahh.. champestunnav…ra… naaa.. magada……hmmmm…..amma……I become more exited and put my middle finger while licking, she became more exited and stared pressing my head… and she shot her juices in my mouth I drank every drop of it.

She closed her eyes and relaxing as she just shot a load, but I dint gave time to her to relax I soon brought my DICK near her pussy and started circulating around the love hole, I felt like I was circulating around the Globe… I slowly pushed my dick into her in single push I was half into her, in the second push I was totally in..she shouted like Ahh.. in pain. I slowly started moving front and back and she was screaming like Iss….Ahh… I increased my pace it was sounding like TUP..TUP..TUP..TUP now.. she staretd screaming loudly…. AAAHHHH… Issss.. Amma….OMG!!!!!!! and the room filled with our sound. After that she came on me and started to ride me, while she was riding up and down her melons are jumping up and down..OMG!!!! really my frinds one must experience to have sex in this position it was an awesome feeling… I caught her balls and stated pressing hard in pleasure…. As it was my first fuck I came to climax soon I shouted Aunty!!!!! I’m coming…. She said mee too soon increased her pace… we both released our juices…she fell on me I hugged her… slowly I dick came out oh her pussy. We hugged each other and slept for an hour or so.

After sometime she got up and wore nighty and stated preparing lunch, I got up and went to her and hugged her from behind and kissed on her neck.. and playing with her boobs with my hands, she was moaning like mmmm…. Shhhh..ahhh.. in pleasure. I slowly knelt down in front of her and went inside her nighty and reached to her pussy and started licking and smooching it hardly. She is pressing my head towards the pussy over her nighty. I was feeling suffocated inside so I removed the nighty and continued to lick it… after 10mins of continues licking she pleased me to fuck her again. I made her to bend near the kitchen platform and inserted my dick into her pussy and started fucking very hard and then we moved to sofa and made her to lay on it and fucked for 10mins and we both reached climax at the same time I released a load in her pussy and layed on her for few mins and kissed her and relaxed on her boobs for few mins. Later we got up and stayed nude and had lunch together.Affair sex stories

Post lunch we had another session and slept till evening. By the time her husband come I reached home. In the evening she brought me food to my home. I hugged and kissed all over her face and pressed her boobs, she kissed me back and put her hand inside my trouser and massaged my dick for sometime and said that she will leave as her husband is in home. I asked her I would like to have sex in bathroom(as it was my dream), because yours is not attached bathroom we can have at my place for which she said OK we can do it tomorrow and kissed me and left for the day.

The next day I took leave to office and waited till her husband to leave to work, soon after he left I went to her home and Hugged and kissed her like there in no tomorrow and she also did the same and asked me that she will finish her work and she will come to my home I agreed and kissed her and went back to my home. After an hour or so she came to upstairs and came to my bedroom and I was standing in front of mirror, she knelt down and pulled my trouser and started sucking my dick. I soon asked her did you locked the main door for she said yes and winked at me and continued the blowjob.. in the middle she was licking my balls.. I was in heaven for her acts and fell on my bed she came on to the bed and continued to suck my dick, then I pulled her and stated to kiss her and pulled her saree and pressed her boobs over her blouse very hard and tried to remove her blouse, but I was not able to remove her hooks as her blouse became tight. She tried to help me but I was in no mood to listen to her and teared the blouse and sucked her boobs by switching between two of them. I brought both her boobs together and attached her two nipples she was moaning in pain ahhhh…..amm…..a…….ssshhhhhh….abba……f….u….c….k and sucked them like that for a while. Later I licked her arm-pits and she continues to moan ssshhh…. Hmmmm…. Ammmma… fffff……Ahhh….

After that I took her to the bathroom and pulled her petticoat and we went into the shower. I became mad by looking at her when water flowing over her body I drank some water over her body and hugged her and pressed her boobs sucked. Later I applied soap over her boobs and pussy. I rubbed her pussy and cleaned with soap. Because of my acts she became horney and applied soap to my Rod and played with it for few mins. After that I made her to bend and inserted my rod into her pussy. I fucked her for some time and released all my juices in her mouth. We completed our bath and had 3 more sessions on the same day.

We continued to have sex at regular intervals whenever we get chance. Please put your comments in ‘[email protected]’ so that I share our next intercourse with more excitement. ANY HOT AUNTIES, GIRLS FROM HYDERABAD….. starving for SEX can contact the above email Will experience the pleasure of SEX at your peaks. Details will be maintained confidential.

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