Oral sex story – First oral sex session

Oral sex story – First oral sex session

Oral sex story
Hello friends,
I have written about myself as I am a gal of 21 years with a lovely face and slim figure and Ritu have shown her nude body to her lover cum boyfriend Naman, a 22-23 years smart guy as our nude video call session was awesome and next day, as I walked out of my home to hire an auto rickshaw, there at it’s stand I can see Naman looking towards my path and as he got my look, soon he smiled and I walked to him as his bike was parked there “hi Naman, waiting for someone else”.
(He smiled) “yes Ritu for you only” and feeling bit ashamed as my face get downwards, he said “baby, come with me as I will leave you to college”.
(Ritu) no, if someone will see us together than.
(Naman) “baby cool down, please come” as looking towards each and every end I just sits on bike with my legs apart as Ritu have put a black leggings with a tops and sitting while maintaining a distance with him was my plan to make him horny and soon as he put brake near a speed breaker with much speed in bike, my boobs hit hard on his back as my one arm is now on shoulder, so it’s his plan and now I thought to be more romantic as I moved close to him with my one hand on his waist and intensely rubbing my soft boobs on his back and as bike stops at red light”so Naman, you have made my body closer, isn’t your plan.
(He looked back) baby you have put your hand as you came closer.
(Me) “oh I see !what’s about your brake” as bike moved towards college College road, oh no ! He have not asked for coffee as well as enjoying nice time together. lastly near high court of Bihar, he just turned his face back for a while and said “Ritu, are you interested in spending sometime together”.
(Me after thinking a bit) ok, no problem but in this hot season where we will sit and talk for an hour.
(He) “don’t be so childish as sanjay gandhi biological park will be good.” and my nod for it made him happy as he stops his bike outside park and parked it.
Ritu and Naman entered the zoo/park as he hold my wrist and nothing to hid for him as he have seen me complete nude but while video call last night and now both just eloped inside it, walking fast towards a deserted place for love or fun as my body is in sensation, so both took shelter under a large tree while facing eachother as sunrays are not giving us lot of discomfort due to widesh tree trunk as well as too many large trees circling it.
Naman and Ritu are looking at eachother as I have put my notes book and purse near me, he moved forward as he just hold my back in his arms and it’s an invitation for me, so sits on his lap with both legs apart as both starts kissing each other’s face to neck and Ritu is pressing her sexy butts on his thighs while my boobs are getting pressed on his chest. so I put my hand in his neck as I put my reddish lips on his lips kissing it hard and frequently, so Naman while holding me hard starts licking my lips and I have put my mouth closed. I know his tongue will frisk in my mouth as I have to suck it, a sign of dominant lover but as he is licking my tongue for a minute or so, my body is in full sensation as I turned my face away. Naman now starts rubbing my back as I get slight back he hold me hard and this time, my tongue rolled out of my mouth as he opened his mouth and starts sucking it wildly, so my tongue in his mouth with front parts rubbing his body made me too hot and my eyes get closed as I got the taste of French kiss with my lover and like a horny guy he is still sucking my tongue as our saliva from mouth starts dripping and I pushed his head back as my tongue is out. Ritu is too horny as thinking what to do right now for sexual orgasm but soon he made me sit on grass and than put his hand in my tops to hold and squeeze the boobs, little excitement left in my mind as my mind is out of control and my hand starts moving on his bulge, so as he is pressing my breast on cotton brassier hard while sounding slow “uh oh ah Naman leave it but suck” as my hand starts unzipping his jeans and lastly he took out his long cock out of his jeans making me frightened but soon as he lifts my tops upto my neck I just sits on my knees giving him nice look and comfort to suck it. so he just hold my arms and put down it’s (bra) strips, so easily hold my breast as he put his mouth on it and after swallowing it he starts sucking it and Ritu suddenly hold his penis as it’s semi erected and while my mind never asked to hold his penis, my sexy body have had a desire to do so and as his thick penis is in my hand I starts jerking it while screaming in pleasure “uh oh it’s amazing your cock is too hard Naman, oh idiot don’t jag uh suck other one”.

(He left my soft boobs) “sexy, your body is making me too aroused” and as I have left his cock, he hold my wrist and put it on his penis and as I starts masturbating his cock fast, he is sucking my breast as his hand on my back but other hand is in between my thighs.

Ritu is sitting on his knees as his V shaped ass is on legs and he is trying to hold my vagina’s labia on two level security as leggings with panty is covering it and as his mouth is loving my breast, my vagina’s hole have some itching as Naman hand his holding my back and while masturbating his penis I am in heaven with sounds “uh ah oh my cunt is dying for your tongue dear”. So he left my breast as both are looking at eachother with love in eyes………
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Re: Oral sex story – First oral sex session
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First oral sex session : part – 2
In previous part you have read about Ritu and Naman as sitting on grass with my tops on neck as brassiere is down to it, his cock is reddish in colour with soft glans and it’s length as well as thickness is making me horny to suck it, first blow job of my life as both are in a park but it’s a peaceful as well as deserted place for us to get romantic and physical. Now while holding his cock, I put my tops down and brassier is on grass and as both are voiceless and hot, I took a bold step as I leaned my face on his penis with my back parts going up, so you can imagine me in a doggy position on knees and elbows. Ritu just removed it’s skin as she starts kissing the penis and Naman put his hand on my butts as he is rubbing his palms hard, so as I put my nose on glans it (penis) smells sexier with my lips kissing it hard and as Naman is showing his desire of making my lower parts nude, I am not going to show my reluctance, so I opened my mouth and slowly swallows his half of cock, starts sucking it and can feel my elastic waistband leggings going down as he pulled hard but buttocks is nude while a panty is covering my valuable vagina. Ritu have started sucking his penis with face in movement and giving him a nice blow job with his hand moving on my soft ass is like dreams come true for a gal of my age and as Naman put his other hand on my breast, he is pressing it hard while his other hand is trying to remove my panty, leave it for Naman as he took it out and as I am sucking his penis hard, he is screaming “oh uh baby you are a nice cock sucker” and now as my mouth starts dripping the saliva, I took out his cock but still love to love it with my tongue. Naman have put his finger in my cunt as he is fingering it fast but as guy finger is bit different from me, my tongue is licking it’s saliva and both are voiceless with sex on top, now looking towards him “take it out, I am too tired” so Naman showing his desire to love my glory hole is making me too aroused and now I sit on grass with my leggings on thighs, took out water bottle and drinks lot of water.
Naman made me sleep on grass with thighs bit spread but he soon removed my leggings and made my vagina nude, so putting my legs apart as I starts rubbing my vagina, he smiled and leaned down to kiss my vagina. So his face is in between my thighs as he is kissing my cunt hard and as he put his crossed fingers, I thought to get his tongue in my vagina and he starts licking it fast, like a stray dog his tongue is rolling out fast “oh uh um Naman I am on top of world please fuck fuck me”.
(Looking at me) “no baby, just enjoy oral sex only.” So he is tasting my vagina while my body is in full sensation and as his hand holds my breast hard to press, I am screaming “uh oh now suck my labia dear, I will cum soon” and he put my fleshy labia in his mouth and starts sucking it wildly, so within a minute my cunt cums as he drinks it without hesitation and now I sits semi nude in front of him while holding his penis as he hold my boobs and as I starts jerking it fast “go fast and hard, I will cum soon” and as I am feeling horny my hand is holding his penis hard while masturbating it and he screams loud “ah oh uh see my cum shot” and it ejaculates with my hand getting dirty of it, a white thick fluid is out of penis as I starts washing my hand and soon I put my dress as he did it, both are tired and have rest for an hour……

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