Naughty Mom – Chapter 3

Hello. Welcome back! I hope you had a chance to read the previous part of the sex story of how my sexy milf mom got fucked – Naughty Mom – Chapter 2. Now, let’s get on with the story..

The first thing Angela was aware of when she awoke the next morning was her wet, throbbing, juicing pussy. Smiling, the naked mother rolled onto her back beneath the sheets and savored the sensations of her stacked body.

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She was very sore. Her jaw was sore from sucking her son’s cock so hard and her pussy lips were slightly raw from his furious fucking. Even her ass cheeks ached from bouncing so furiously during the throes of fucking.

But the feeling of contentment and lust she felt was like nothing she’d ever experienced.

Angela rose from the bed, ran a brush through her hair, and slipped into the ice-blue negligee she’d worn while finger fucking the other night. There was no question of wearing it to the breakfast table this morning. Angela didn’t feel at all ashamed of herself. She just hoped Tony would give her another good fucking before he went off to school.

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Padding barefoot through the living room, Angela saw that her son was already hard at work on a plate of bacon and eggs on the kitchen table. The first thing he looked at when she entered the kitchen was her big tits, jiggling provocatively under the negligee. Then he looked awkwardly away.

Angela felt a rush of motherly love go out to him. Her son was obviously having a lot of trouble accepting the fact that he’d fucked his own mother the night before. After shooting his wad into her pussy, he’d hurriedly donned his clothes and retreated to his bedroom. He’d probably spent a long sleepless night thinking about her pussy.

“Why darling, you’ve already fixed your breakfast,” she said softly. “Didn’t you want me to make it for you?”

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“Oh, you do too much already,” Tony said, keeping his eyes averted. “I ought to be able to take care of myself.”

He was blushing and Angela knew he felt guilty for fucking her, even though it had hardly been his fault. She smiled to herself as she walked to his side of the table, the negligee rustling about her ass cheeks. She hoped to drown out his conscience with a healthy dose of lust.

“How’s your school work doing, Tony? Are you getting any better at math?”

“I’m doing okay. We had a test a couple of days ago. I think I did well in it.”

“Well, darling. The word is well. I did well. Now, what was your score?”

Tony hesitated a moment before answering and Angela was happy to see how much trouble he had kept his gaze on her face. He’d never seen his mother in such a sexy nightie before. Repeatedly his gaze darted to her big juicy tits, dropping to her slim waist and the hairy triangle of her cunt.

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“Eighty-six,” he said softly. “I mean, eighty-eight. I got an eighty-eight.”

“Eighty-six or eighty-eight.” Angela deliberately moved closer, until her pussy triangle was mere inches from his face as he sat before her. “Which one was it?”


Tony was now breathing hard and Angela could see his big, stiff cock throbbing in his jeans. Helplessly he stared at her body as he took a long gulp of orange juice.

“You’re all done with your breakfast, darling. Would you like some dessert?”

Deliberately, shamelessly, Angela lifted up the hem of her negligee, showing her son her hairy cunt.

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Tony stared hard at her pussy, seeing the way the pouting, swollen lips glistened with fuck juice. Angela’s cunt was very hot and wet. The smell of her cunt cream filled the whole kitchen.

“Oh, fuck,” Tony said. “I can’t stand it anymore!”

Then he was all over her, lunging off the chair and wrestling his mother to the floor. Angela secretly delighted, squealed and flailed her hand against his back.

“Tony! What in God’s name do you think you’re doing to me? You stop that! You’re going to miss your first class!”

“Gonna suck you,” Tony moaned. “Can’t fucking take it, Mom. I’m gonna suck your sweet fucking little cunt!”

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He sprawled between her thighs, holding her on her back on the cool linoleum floor. Angela shuddered as he roughly parted her thighs, exposing the sopping slit of her pussy. With a hungry moan, Tony glued his mouth to her juice-seeping cunt.

“Oh Tony, no!” But she held the back of his head, holding his face to her pussy mound. “What’s gotten into you this morning? Oh, Tony… unngghhh…”

Tony started licking his mother’s pussy, swiping his tongue up her curly-haired cunt like a starving dog. Feverishly he lapped up her pussy cream, delighting in the pungent taste of his mom’s fuck oils. He thrust a hand under her hips, squeezing the cheeks of her succulent ass as he loudly ate out her cunt.
Angela dug her fingers into the back of his neck, moaning and gasping as his tongue fucked deep inside her pink pussy tunnel. “That’s right, Tony! Oh fuck, you’re making me horny too! Suck me darling! Suck Mommy’s hot, juicy cunt!”

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Tony peeled apart the lips of her pussy with his free hand, exposing her swollen clit. Angela gasped as she felt his tongue sliding across the swollen nubbin like a slippery sexual eel.

“Oh God, Tony! Where did you learn to suck cunt like that?” Humping frantically now, the horny mother pulled his mouth up to her clit. “Yes, lick me there! I’m so hot! Lick my clit! Make me cum!”

Her clit was quite large, a grape-sized nubbin protruding at the top of her pussy hole. Tony wrapped his lips around it, sucking hard. Immediately Angela bucked as if she’d been shot, gasping and squealing as she fucked her hairy pussy all over her teen’s face.

“Yes, Tony! Do it to me! Unnnggghhhh! Suck my clit, suck it good, lick it! You’re making me cum, lover! Mommy’s gonna cum!”

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Tony pulled his hand from her ass, unable to hold the frantically humping cheeks in position. Holding her puss lips spread open with his fingers, he pushed the digits of the other hand slowly into the clasping wetness of her cunt. Angela shuddered as she felt the boy’s fingers invading her fuck hole. She humped and wriggled her ass, until she felt his fingers buried to the knuckles in her buttery cunt.

“Yes, Tony! Fingerfuck me! Ungghhh unh, my pussy’s so hot!”

Tony sucked harder on her clit, flicking his tongue on the sensitive tip. At the same time he started to piston his fingers into the slippery tunnel of her cunt slit. In and out he rammed them, fucking her with his fingers like they were a tiny cock.

“I’m cumming, Tony!” Angela gasped as she shuddered and bucked, deliriously humping her burning ass cheeks off the kitchen floor. “Lick my pussy, lick my clit! Put your fingers in my cunt! Ungghh unh oh fuck, unh unh unh cuuummmiiiinnnngggg!”

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Her ass heaved a full half-foot off the floor as the spasms swept through her nakedness. She clawed her son’s neck, leaving thin welts on his flesh as she ground her hairy, throbbing pussy onto his mouth. Fuck juice gushed out of her cunt hole and Tony lapped it all up, alternating between flicks on her clit and slurps in her pussy as he repeatedly fucked his fingers into her cunt.

“Oh Tony, oh fuck!”

Slowly, exhausted, the horny mother let her blushing ass drop to the floor. Spots of color danced in front of her dazed eyes. She felt like she’d never cum so hard in her life.

When she finally came to again, she realized that her horny son had pulled down his pants. He was now mounting into position between her spread-eagled legs. His huge, stone-hard cock throbbing and dripping jism over her belly.

“Oh Tony, are you really going to fuck me now? You’re going to miss your class!”

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“I don’t give a shit,” Tony said softly. “I gotta fuck you, Mom! My cock’s so hard!”

His prick was incredibly stiff, pulsing and jerking even more wildly than it had the night before. Transfixedly Angela stared at the fat, rosy tip, seeing all the cock juice that was leaking out onto her negligee. She knew she was being a very bad mother to let him miss school to fuck her but she was too horny to help herself.

Holding his cock firmly in his grasp, Tony slipped the bulbous cock knob up her pussy slit until he had the tip securely embedded in her buttery cunt. Then he pushed it into her and a gasping Angela felt her pussy giving way to the battering thrusts of his cock.

Instinctively she threw up her long legs, opening up her pussy passage for the invasion by his cock.

“Oh Tony! You’ve got such a big dick!” Angela started humping, surprising herself with her insatiability as she flung her creamy legs tightly around his heaving waist. “Fuck me, Son! Mommy’s horny again! Fuck me with that beautiful whopper! Yes, yes fuck it up my juicy cunt!”

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“Ahh, Momma, you’ve got such a tight pussy! Ahhh…”

Tony slowly fucked his cock into her velvety cunt tunnel, feeling the wet walls of her pussy wrapping tightly around the meaty thickness of his cock. He paused when he got all of his prick inside her, lying motionless on her belly, letting her pussy cream adn suck around his stone-hard cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Too horny to wait, Angela humped her ass like a bitch in heat, pounding her pussy onto his big cock. “Fuck me, Tony! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!”

Tony pulled slowly out of his mother’s clinging cunt hole, sighing as he felt the wet pink walls dragging on his hard cock. Angela whimpered as her boy slowly fucked his meat home again, burying his cock to the balls in her juicy pussy.

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“Stop teasing me, Tony! Fuck my cunt hard!” Angela locked her legs high around his back, flinging her slim arms around her son’s shoulders. Then she started bouncing her ass frantically off the floor, pounding her throbbing pussy onto his cock.

“Oh, Mom,” Tony gasped, “your pussy feels so Goddamn good!”

He started fucking her, steadily pounding his rock-hard, blood-swollen prick into the clinging sheath of her pussy. Angela rocked beneath him in a fever of delirious lust. Fucking my son, she thought wantonly. Yes, oh yes… getting fucked by my son’s big, hard cock!

“Harder!” Her voice was an anxious hiss as she raked his back with her fingernails, suddenly grabbing his ass cheeks to draw even more of his cock into her pussy. “Mommy’s so horny this morning, honey! Mommy wants you to spurt your big load up Mommy’s juicy snatch!”

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Tony started fucking his big-titted mother hard and fast, contracting his ass cheeks as he pistoned his bloated hard-on into her buttery cunt channel. Already Angela could feel a throbbing beginning deep inside her ravished fuck hole — her clit swelling, her pussy muscles contracting uncontrollably around her son’s cock shaft as she prepared to cum.

“Mommy’s cumming now, Tony!” Angela lifted her legs until her knees touched her shoulders, completely opening her pussy passage for the fucking thrusts of his cock. “Fuck me, fuck Mommy’s ass off! Unnggghhh! Oh fuck, I can’t stand it! Fuck me, Mommy’s cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy spasmed in orgasm, the tight pink cunt tunnel sucking and clasping hotly around Tony’s racing cock. Tony stopped trying to hold back his boiling was. Sinking onto her soft naked body, he let the milky jism squirt out of his cock.

“Unngghhh!” Angela sighed loudly as she felt her boy’s cock shooting off inside her, spraying the inner walls of her pussy with a big load of jism. “Yes! Tony, cum in your mommy!” Hornily she flexed her cunt muscles, making her wet pussy milk out all of his cum.

“Oh, Mom!”

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Tony rested on top of her, letting his cock wilt slowly in her clinging cunt. His expression was one of simple lust. He obviously wanted to start fucking her all over again.

“No, Tony,” Angela giggled and shook her head. “Let’s pull up our pants and get going. I don’t want you to miss your second class too!”

Tony did as his mother asked. Buckling his pants, he gathered up his school books and shot a last longing glance at her oozing pussy before going out the back door.

Angela stayed on the kitchen floor for a long time after he left, smiling as she felt Tony’s load dribble slowly out of her cunt. Then she started to finger fuck, panting with pleasure as she fucked her fingers in and out of her puffy pussy.

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