Naughty Mom – Chapter 2

Hello. Welcome back! I hope you had a chance to read the first part of the sex story of how my mom got fucked – Naughty Mom. Now, let’s get on with the story..

Twenty-four hours later, Angela was sipping a gin and tonic and watching a television program on the living room couch.

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Her gaze spent less time on the set than on the clock on the wall behind it. When would Tony be coming back from his date?

It was a weeknight but Angela had always been a liberal mother and most of the parental restrictions had been loosened since George’s departure. Tony was a big muscular kid. He could take care of himself.

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Angela knew why she was staying up for him and the idea made her feel both ashamed and excited. She wanted to seduce him. She wasn’t going to go about it directly but there was no denying that she wanted to make him talk to her, to steer the conversation quickly to sex.

The room was dark except for the glow of the television set. Angela took a long sip of gin and looked down at herself. She’d chosen her clothes very carefully. At first glance, it looked like an outfit she always wore a blouse and shorts for working around the house on a hot night.

But she wasn’t wearing a bra under the blouse and her huge tits were nearly bursting through. It had a deep cleavage and even she was aroused by the sight of her own spongy, jiggling cleavage when she glances at herself in the mirror.

She wore no sandals and the denim cut-offs were cut very high up the cheeks of her ass. They were tight, molding to her pussy. Tony would be able to see the outline of her cunt slit.

Squirming on the big soft-cushioned couch, Angela spread her long bare legs and rubbed her throbbing pussy through the shorts. She was so horny, so Goddamn hot. The gin had already affected her and being drunk only made her more desperate for a stiff fucking cock.

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At that moment, the front door opened and closed with a loud slam. Angela looked over her shoulder just in time to see her son, looking thoroughly angered, stomping across the hall to his room.

“Tony! Aren’t you even going to say hello to me?”

“Hello,” Tony muttered.

“Now, now don’t be like that.” Angela patted the couch cushion beside her. “Come over and watch TV with me a little while.”

“I don’t want to,” Tony grunted.

“Tony!” Knowing her power as a parent, Angela let her voice rise ever so slightly. “Now don’t you be like that? Come over here and tell your mother what’s bothering you!”

Tony shrugged and entered the light cast by the television set. He was a big, handsome boy with broad shoulders and a head full of thick, curly black hair. He’d dressed up for his date and Angela found herself looking immediately at the swollen cock bulge in the crotch of his tight slacks.

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“Tony! Look at your face! Have you been crying?”

“No! Jesus, I’m too old for that!” Tony flopped on the couch beside his mother and folded his arms across his chest. “I’m just pissed off, that’s all. That fucking cunt!”

Angela thought of telling him to watch his language but she realized that she wanted him to use even more obscene words before the night was over. “What filthy cunt are you referring to, darling?”

“Oh, the chick I went out with, Trisha. Jesus, what a stuck-up bitch!”

“Isn’t she a nice girl?” Absentmindedly, Angela leaned over and started stroking her son’s hair.

“Oh, she’s nice enough. Christ, oh… you know, Mom.” Tony looked suddenly sheepish. “I can’t talk to you about stuff like that.”

“I’m a grown woman, Tony,” Angela giggled. “I really don’t think you’re going to shock me. Now, what went wrong on your little date? Hmmm?”

“Oh, you know. She wouldn’t… I mean, she wouldn’t…”

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“Wouldn’t what?”

“Wouldn’t what?”

“Wouldn’t put out, that’s what!” Angela started breathing hard, making her huge braless tits heave under the blouse. A sudden vision of her child in the back seat of a car, trying to stick his stiff cock into a reluctant virgin, made her pussy throb with lust.

“Oh? She wouldn’t have sex with you? Do most of the girls you date just lie down and let you fuck them? Hmmm?”

Tony glanced at his mother, surprised by her language. His gaze dropped to her body and Angela got much hornier as she saw something big and stiff growing in his slacks.

“Yeah! Yeah, I guess they do. But that’s not the thing, I mean… shit, she led me on so much!”

“A little prick teaser, wasn’t she?” Angela moved closer until her sleek bare thigh touched her son’s leg. Tony dropped his gaze, suddenly realizing that he could see the outline of her pussy slit. Angela was amazed by the size of the big tube of meat growing down his leg.

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“Yeah, she was a real prick teaser. She let me, you know, play around with her and all, but she wouldn’t let me stick it in her! Goddamn it! We spent three hours in the back of that car! I got so fucking horny!”

“So fucking horny,” Angela repeated softly. “Is that why my little darling has a big hard-on sticking out of his pants?”

Tony flushed and shot a swift glance at his swollen crotch. Angela coolly continued to stroke his hair, as if there was nothing unusual in pointing out the size of her son’s cock.

“Jesus, Mom!”

“What a horny little boy my darling is tonight,” she said softly. “My, that thing looks like it must be a foot long. And look at the way you’re looking at your mother’s body.”

Tony blushed even deeper as he tore his gaze from his mother’s stacked curves, looking wide-eyed into her face. By this time, his cock was as hard as stone and his prick was obviously very fat and very long and very stiff.

“Tony, we just can’t let you walk around being so frustrated. You’ll never get to sleep with an enormous boner like that!”

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No longer trying to restrain herself, the big titted mother dropped her hand to her son’s crotch. Tony gasped as he watched her wrap her fingers around his aching cock, squeezing hard.

“Jesus, Mom!”

“You’ve got a big, stiff hard-on, darling.” Angela made soft cooing sounds as she slid off the couch, kneeling on the floor between her son’s legs. “You’ll get an awful case of blue balls if Mommy doesn’t give you a little relief!”

Her fingers trembling, Angela unzipped her son’s slacks. Tony just sat there gaping at her as she tugged his tight pants over his ass cheeks, removing them with his shorts, pulling them down to his ankles.

“Oh, Son! You’ve got such a huge dick!”

Angela sat back on her ankles, ogling the length of her boy’s cock. His prick was huge, even bigger than she’d dared to hope. The long, meaty trunk stood out of his big balls and prick fur like a billy club, with a shaft as thick as her wrist.

“Oh God, darling! What a whopper my little boy has!”

Angela wrapped both hands around his huge cock, feeling the tube of flesh beat and pulse on her palms. A good seven inches of prick protruded from the grip of her fists. The knob of his cock was even thicker than the trunk, a bulbous crown that was now uncontrollably seeping jism onto her fingers.

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“Does my little boy need a blow job?” Panting with desire, Angela watched the milky pre-cum ooze from his piss hole as she jacked his throbbing prick. “Does Tony want Mommy to put his cock in her mouth and give it a good, juicy sucking? Mmmm?”

“Jesus, Mom!” Tony was so shocked that he couldn’t move. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!”

“But I am, darling! I love my well-hung son so much!”

The gin had made her very drunk, but Angela knew she would have done the same thing cold sober at the first sight of her son’s mammoth cock.

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Bending forward, she pressed her lips to the tip of his prick. Her pussy pulsed violently as she inhaled the salty aroma of cock meat, as she savored her first taste of her son’s big prick.

“Ohhhh!” Tony’s cock throbbed much harder. He relaxed on the couch, shuddering with arousal. “Oh, Mom! That feels so good!”

Angela jacked of his prick slow and hard as she ran her lips and tongue up the knob and shaft, planting wet kisses on the flesh of his cock. Her boy’s prick was bigger than her former husband’s and was stiffer than she’d ever seen George’s cock grow. Angela knew she was dying to suck his prick now. She was desperate to taste her son’s jism squirting down her throat.

Pressing her lips on the juicy tip of his cock, squeezing with both hands, Angela slowly opened her mouth. She made an obscene gurgling sound as she slowly stuffed her son’s prick between her lips.

“Oh, Momma!” Tony’s face was a mask of surprise as he watched his mother start sucking his cock, her pretty face contorted around the thick prick shaft clogging her mouth. “Suck it, Mom! Yes, oh, Christ! Suck my cock!”

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Angela was so eager to give him a blow job that she nearly choked, taking too much of his cock down her throat and gagging as the prick know brushed past her tonsils. But she didn’t want to give up any of the cock shafts, and she fought back the reflex, flaring her nostrils so she could breathe around the swollen prick.

Wet slurping, smacking sounds filled the living room as the horny mother began the blow job, compressing her lips tightly around the veined stiffness of her son’s cock. Skillfully Angela puckered her cheeks, remembering what her husband taught her about cock sucking. She started to suck her boy’s prick very hard.

Up and down her head bobbed, lightly fucking his boner down the back of her throat. Angela closed her eyes, inhaling the cunt warming aroma of his prick and balls. She pulled one hand from his hotly beating cock shaft. Pushing her hand between his hairy, muscular thighs, she cupped the sac of his bloated balls, rolling the cum-congested globes on her fingers.

Tony’s big prick got stiffer between her lips, basking in her buttery throat. He put his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her thick hair. Then he started to rock his ass off the couch.

“Suck it, Momma! Suck it, suck…”

The sounds of the blow job were now very loud as Angela feverishly worked out on her boy’s bloated prick. She bobbed her head farther down, again nearly choking as she took a full half of his prick between her lips.

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Hungrily her tongue swirled around his cock, skirting the flared tip to lap up the prick juices bubbling up from his balls. Her fist tightened around the root of his cock. Angela jacked fast and hard, beating her son’s meat into her mouth.

“I’m cumming, Momma!” Tony shook and bucked his ass helplessly off the couch, fucking his mother’s face. “Suck it, keep sucking! Gonna cum!”

Angela’s pussy creamed sloppily as she anticipated the salty explosion of her son’s squirting cum. Blushing, she sucked his big cock as hard as she could. Her panting breaths could be heard even over her wet, feverish slurping as she sucked his prick and played with his balls and jacked his cock off, doing everything she could to make him blow he was.

“I’m cumming, Mom! I’m cumming!”

Tony grimaced and dropped his head on the couch. His cock grew enormous and painfully stiff down her throat. Then his huge prick exploded.

Torrents of boiling jism gushed out of his open piss hole, squirting down Angela’s throat. Angela nearly came in the cut-offs as the first shots of cock-juice splattered across her tongue.

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It was delicious, the prick honey she so desperately needed. Gulping noisily, the horny mother tightened her lips and fist around the gushing shaft of his prick. Then she wantonly swallowed down all of his load, working her throat muscles in a frantic effort not to miss any of his delicious milky cum.

“Oh, Momma!” Tony quivered on the couch, watching his mother continue to suck and kiss his sucked-out prick. “That was so good! I can’t believe you did that to me! Oh, Jesus, I came buckets! Oh, fuck!”

Angela took her lips from his massive cock and held his prick in her hand. The big prick was dripping with a mixture of saliva and his own salty cum juice. And his cock was still very hard. Angela squeezed his cock and felt his prick shaft throbbing eagerly in her fist.

“You’ve still got a boner, lover,” she murmured, still staring at his meat. “Mmmm, you still need some relief!”

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Angela released his hard cock and sat back on her ankles. Slowly she pulled up her blouse, displaying her slim, girlishly rounded belly. Then she pulled her blouse off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. She felt proud as her son gasped at the sight of her huge tits.

“Do you like my titties, darling?” Angela lifted one spongy milk-white melon and salaciously tongued the dark-pink cap, making the rubbery nipple stiffen quickly. “You’ve never seen me without my clothes on having you? At least not since you were little!”

“Jesus, Mom!” Tony exclaimed hoarsely. “You’ve really got a big set of knockers!”

Giggling, Angela sat back and unzipped her cut-offs. Slowly she wiggled them down the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass, and her long, tapering legs. Then she was completely naked.

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By now, her boy’s big prick was throbbing and pulsing wildly, almost as if he’d never cum at all. Angela stretched out on her back, wiggling her ass on the living room’s shag carpet. Slowly she splayed her legs wide apart, showing her hair-fringed pussy slit to her horny son.
“Take off the rest of your clothes, darling,” she purred huskily. “It’s time to give your mother a good, hard fuck!”

Angela’s finger fucked her dripping pussy as she watched Tony strip. He stood up and frantically scattered his shirt, shoes, and pants across the living room. Then he was as naked as she was. His huge cock pulsed obscenely before him as he fell to his knees, crouching between his mother’s milk-white thighs.

“I’m so horny, lover!” Angela purred. “Please don’t make me wait! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy’s hot cunt!”

Sh realized that she sounded just like the book she’d read the night before. Then her thoughts were interrupted as her son took his cock in his hand and mounted her, fitting the rosy prick knob to the pouting lips of her hairy cunt.

Slowly he rubbed the juicy cock crown up and down the slit of her pussy, teasing her by rubbing her swollen clit. Then he pressed his prick securely into her fuck hole. Angela grunted as she felt her pussy opening. Tony sighed as her cunt muscles nipped the tip of his cock.

“Get ready, Momma! Cause here it comes!”

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With his cock head throbbing inside her, he leaned forward and supported his weight on his outstretched arms so he could watch his mother’s pretty face as he fed her his prick meat. Tony hunched his ass. Angela shuddered as she felt the meaty inches of his cock shaft fucking into her pussy tunnel.

“Unnnggghhhh!” Immediately she lifted her long legs high, wiggling her ass beneath him as she opened her cunt for more of his prick. “That’s right, lover! Oh shit, it’s really stabbing into me! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy’s hot cunt!”

Tony worked his ass, staring down at her, watching her huge tit melons shake and jiggle as he fed her his prick. Over half of his cock was inside her now and he felt the suctioning pressure of her cunt muscles wetly drawing his prick into her body.

“Fuck me harder, Tony!” Angela tossed her legs around his back, scissoring her ankles together at his waist. Then she started humping, pumping her pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick. “Fuck me, fuck me good! Fuck your mother!”

Tony let his weight fall, flattening her huge tits beneath his muscular chest. He cradled his head between her neck and shoulder and spread his knees between her legs, changing the angle of his attack, so his cock could fuck more forcefully up her juicy pussy.

With a little twist of his hips, Tony fucked every inch of his boner into the enveloping warmth of his mother’s wet cunt. He pulled out slowly, then fucked his cock home again. Then he started fucking her.

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Hard and fast his ass moved, fucking his stone-hard prick into her velvety pussy. Angela gasped as she felt the rhythmic force of his fuck thrusts. Some horny teenage girl had really taught her boy how to hump!

“That’s right, darling!” Angela threw her arms around his back, raking his naked, muscular flesh with her fingernails. “What a good little humper! Fuck me, Tony! Fuck your mother!”

His fuck strokes became more and more violent, fucking his prick savagely through the gurgling sheath of her cunt tunnel. His cock was really boring into her, seeming to sink into her womb with every fuck stroke. Angela felt her pussy throbbing uncontrollably now, sucking in the turgid length of his prick meat.

“Harder, Tony! I like to get fucked hard!” She started humping again, groaning and panting as she slammed her ass off the rug, thrusting her pussy mound onto the stabbing impalement of his cock. “Unngghh! Yes, Tony! Mommy’s pussy’s all hot and wet! You’re such a good fucker! Unnngghh! Make Mommy cum, Tony. Fuck her good and make her cum!”

Tony slid his hands down her slim waist, cupping the sides of her frantically pistoning ass. Then he started to ream out her pussy as hard as he could. He groaned as the slippery pussy muscles milked continually around his cock, sucking his prick dry. He could feel her cunt throbbing and pulsating and knew that he might make his mother cum even before he got off.

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Angela shamelessly slapped his ass, spurring him on. His furiously pounding cock was rubbing her clit, sending tingling waves of pleasure through her body. Even her asshole was throbbing with lust.

“Fuck me, fuck me faster!” She started squealing, shaking her head helplessly back and forth as the heat built deep inside her cock-stuffed hole. “I’m cumming, Son! Fuck my pussy! Unnnggghhhh! It’s cumming, cuuummmmiiiinnngggg!”

Her pussy creamed, contracting uncontrollably around the fucking shaft of her boy’s cock. It was one of the best orgasms Angela had ever had. Again and again her pussy creamed, gushing fuck oil around his price, throbbing and sucking his cock into her belly.

“Oh fuck, Momma! Here I cum!”

Tony collapsed on his mother’s belly, fucking his cock to the hilt in her throbbing cunt. Then a second load gushed up from his balls. Angela sighed with pleasure as she felt it squirting into her ravished pussy, bathing the inner walls.

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Hotly she flexed her cunt muscles, letting her pussy milk out all of his cum. A deep smile curled her lips. She’d never felt so well fucked in her life.

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