My sexiest railway journey which really gives me what I want from that girl

My sexiest railway journey which really gives me what I want from that girl

My sexiest railway journey which really gives me what I want
This article contains adult content so kids should stay away. So lets start the incident without wasting much time.
It was winters and my college was about to close for winter vacation as our semester exams was just over. I was too late to book a ticket for my home so I just somehow find a train and booked a waiting ticket. Finally my ticket was confirmed but it was RAC i.e. the half of the seat would be mine and half would be of someone else.
I was just thankful as I had no hope to even get a ticket and now I have a RAC ticket. So finally the journey day arrived and I reached the station an hour before. There at platform I saw a girl. I think she was approx 20 years old. When I firstly saw her I just lost in a dream that I am sucking her boobs.
As she has a very nice boobs and as it was winter so she wore a jacket but still I can clearly see her breast shape. After sometime I came to know that she is alone and she also was waiting for the same train. The waiting time passed and finally our train has been arrived at the station. She was entering in my coach and when she was just climbing the stairs of the train, somehow her back of jeans get down a little bit and I saw just the starting of her crack .sexiest railway journey

Fucking Horny Neighbour
Fucking Horny Neighbour

She was not so fat but when I saw her back crack then suddenly my p-n-s get started erecting.I was trying to control the erection but I failed. So I entered in the coach and when I reached my berth then I saw the same girl there exactly on my seat. Before I ask anything, she told me that she had an rac for the same seat. I was so happy but my erection now become completely uncontrollable. There was so much crowd in the coach as everyone was finding their seats.
She was on the seat and I was standing in just front of her and because of the crowd I feel that my p_n_s was just touching her shoulders and she definitely feels that it was erected. When everyone was on their place then I placed my bag on the seat and get into the toilet and when i open my jeans it suddenly gets straight perpendicular to my body.
Now it was i think 7 pm and we both were sitting. She had her legs down and I was just watching her thighs continuosly. She was really so hot. So we started some talks and she told me that she was doing engineering. I was just in dreams that i am fucking her but it was just the dream. So it was the time when we had to sleep, the lights of the coach were closed. I told her that you can sleep and I will just sit.

Affair sex stories
Affair sex stories

I was sitting by taking my legs on the seat and she was sleeping in just side of me.after sometime i felt that her right leg was in between of my legs and touching my —-. I just want to do something and i just tried to close my legs and suddenly my right leg was in between her legs. Her thighs were broad and i was just feeling her soft hips muscles with my legs. I just started to rub her thighs with my foot and by doing this i again got an erection. But this time my erection was completely touching her foot.
But when it was approx 5 minutes past and she had no response as i was still enjoying her thighs with my foot so i decided to go ahead and i pushed my foot in between her legs and suddenly my thumb touched her vagina and i really felt that. I was afraid and pulled my leg back but her right leg was still on my erection.
I think it was merely 1 minute passed she started doing the same with my erection which i did with her hips. Then i understood that its a signal. Now we both are in the same blancket so we tried to come closer as much as we can inside it. Now my hands reached to her glory and i placed my hands inside her jeans for the first time in my life. I started fingering her and for the first time i smelled the liquid which came out from it.
After that we came more closer and she took my pan-s in her hand and give me a beautifull bj. We both enjoyed a lot that night. It was really a very nice and sexiest journey of both of us. After that we shared our contact number. Today still we are in contact and we met 2 times also after that incident.

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