My Drunk Aunt Wanted Wild Sex | English Sex Story

My Drunk Aunt Wanted Wild Sex | English Sex Story

I was staying in Bangalore and my aunt had come down for a meeting. So it was decided I will just go and meet her. I am 29 years old and staying alone in Bangalore. My aunt is around 41 years old who has good vital stats. At this age also she has maintained herself really well. Though she is a widow, she has handled herself well and became a better personality.

I went to the hotel just to meet her. It all started when we were chit chatting in the room. She asked about my life and then about drinks. And we both ordered scotch. Two pegs down and we were relaxed with our legs over the bed. She asked about my life, girls, sex as it was very common for a person living alone to be in all these.

Our peg count went on and I started feeling horny. I told her about my casual open relationship fun. Since it was getting late, she asked me to stay back. I did all the hotel formalities to stay with her. The way we were looking at each other drunk was enough to bring mood swings.English Sex Story

After some time, she changed into a nightie and I had nothing to change to. So I was uncomfortable. She asked me to get inside the other blanket and be without jeans or just change and wear a towel. So I changed to a towel.English Sex Story

I could see her awesome size breasts and my hard-on was slightly visible through the towel. None of us were stopping from drinking. We started touching each other’s hands while passing glass. She was feeding me snacks with her own hands. All this was enough and we were coming closer; looking into eyes and sometimes touching.

Slowly, I leaned forward near her face and kissed her lips. I told her I was going out of control because of the alcohol effect. She smiled and brought her lips closer and we started kissing. Slowly, our lips opened and we were inside each other’s mouth trying to suck each other’s saliva.

My hands were holding her and I was almost over her body kissing her wild. Our salivas were making our lips and chins wet. My hands started touching the side of her boobs and I was pressing them. Our breathes becoming heavier.

Then I came over her, lifted her hands and started kissing her underarms. I was licking and biting her over there. I started kissing her neck giving her wet kisses and sucking her neck. Soon I was kissing her wildly over there.

Her hands were over my back and soon inside my t-shirt. My hands were over her boobs pressing them hard and making her moan. She took off my t-shirt and started kissing my neck, nipples and biting them in between. She started playing with my little hairy chest and I was trying to take my hands inside her nighty from the top

I pulled her bra down and pressed her boobs hard. Her nipples were erected. She was moaning and she was asking me to go even wild on her. I pulled her nighty down and found her awesome tight boobs with big areolas and tight nipples. I started sucking them hard. She was moaning and asking me to suck them hard.

I spat my saliva on those nipples and sucked them hard. I was also slowly biting them with my teeth. Her 36C boobs were big enough for me to suck at a time. I removed her nighty and bra and started sucking the side boobs which were shinning because of my saliva over it.

Then I started biting her there and pressing her nipples and squeezing her other boob. She opened my towel and her hands were now on my ass. I moved closer, kissed her tight, asked her to spit her saliva in my mouth and kissed her more. She was uncontrollable at that moment.

I went back to her boobs, kissed her cleavage and then went down to her navel. She was a bit chubby that I started biting her at her stomach. All this was making her mad and was making me super hard. I kissed her belly button and put some water in it and sucked it out. This made her scream and was begging me to insert. Her pussy smell mixed with her sweat was intoxicating.

I touched her pussy over the panty felt the wetness and the hair over it. That panty aroma was a killer. I started kissing her pussy over the panties and slowly, pulled it out while biting on her side thigh. Her hands were pushing me down. She raised her ass up so that I could remove her panty easily.

I lifted her legs, took my hands under her ass so that I can raise her a bit more and started kissing over the panty in between her legs. I started sucking her juice over the panty. She was almost shivering and on the verge of releasing. I turned her around and started biting near her asshole. I removed her panties and could see it entirely wet. She had the mixed smell of her juices and pee. I started eating her ass and biting her chubby cheeks.

Then I brought my finger near her ass and started rubbing it. Now I was touching her wet hairy pussy and trying to rub and insert one finger inside her ass. Since she was begging me to lick her pussy, I asked her to sit on my face.English Sex Story

Now I could feel her cum, pee and everything. Trust me guys, it was the best feeling I had ever experienced. I started licking and sucking wild. My nose was covered with her hair and my tongue was reaching out everywhere licking everything that it touched. Then I took it near her pussy lips. She shivered again.

I told her to release over my face. She warned me off the juices and her pee as those would be mixed but at that stage. But I was ready for anything. Soon she released all over my face. I tasted her juices and started sucking her pussy harder and gave little bites in her nearby areas. I was taking my tongue inside her pussy lips and she was holding my dick, playing with it and moving her ass.

Dear all, I will continue the further story in the next part based on your comments and feedback.

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