My beautiful sensual intimacy with a perfect figure girl during a bus journey

My beautiful sensual intimacy with a perfect figure girl during a bus journey


My beautiful sensual intimacy with a perfect figure girl during a bus journey
Here I am writing an incident which was happened to me some time before and this contains some intimacy related things with some adult graphics also so people with underage should not read this.
This incident took place about 10 months ago and it was so amazing and beautiful experience so I want to share it you all my friends. It was summers and I had to travel a bus journey of about 700 km. So I took the bus at 7pm and it have to take about 14 hours to reach the destination. I booked an online ticket and when I reached the bus then I came to know that everyone present in the bus had booked an online ticket only and conductor also said that everyone should have the ticket copy which you booked online.
My seat was window side but as the bus was AC so it doesn’t matters and it only matters to have look of outside only. After a long time when the bus was about to start till then no one came to my side seat and suddenly a girl came and asked conductor to get her a seat and she had not an online ticket. After a long discuss conductor allowed her to have the seat of my side. I was so happy from inside as she was wearing a top and a jeans. She was looking so hot as I think she took the bus by running some distance and was breathing high. It was a whole night journey with more than enough hot girl as my co passenger so i was so much excited from inside.

When about an hour passed she told me that she want to sit on window side and i allowed her. So i stood and moved to side seat(Aisle) and on doing this my part was on the level of her mouth exactly. I imagined that how amazing if she took it in her mouth. I just can’t able to resist myself from touching her at every breakers and all. I was aroused but i cant do anything.
It was about 10 pm and most of the people were about to sleep and as it was so cold inside the bus due to ac so i cover myself with a bed sheet which i had with me. When i think that she is not having any sheet so i asked her to cover herself and she agreed and we were also started to sleep. Then after sometime i felt someone hand on my private part and that hand was not mine. I understood that she wants something but i was afraid as i think that may be it was just a coincidence.
So i started to feel from inside and started erecting my part and as i was wearing a denim pant so it will easily be noticed by touching. And yes she felt it but instead of removing her hands she trying to hold it with her hand above my pant. She thinks that i had slept so she can enjoy. I just took her hands and pressed my penis with her hands. She just grabbed her hands.
I told her clearly that lets enjoy and do something. She agreed. She took the bed sheet and get inside and i covered her body from top and under the bed sheet i opened my pant and she instantly took my part. She started rubbing it and just started giving me a bj. She taken it in her mouth and i was just enjoying as never before as it was my first time.
After the act was completed i told her to do something more and as it was my first time and also we were have nothing like condom so we decided to have nothing but still we cant resiust ourselves. I just turned towards her in sitting position with erected penis and she instantly opens her jeans and she also turned towards the window in sitting position as we were in a bus. Then I get closer to her and started inserting my penis in her back(anus). But as you can imagine it was so tought do anything so we did our best and enjoyed as much as we can.
After that whole night we just kissed each other, played with each others private parts, sucked her boobs whole night and enjoyed so much.

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