My Aunt Seduced Me

Hi, all, I am Karthik and this is an incident that happened 6 years ago and how I started to ramp my aunt. This is my first sex story and all girls/aunties/grannies anyone is free to write to me at [email protected]

Let me first tell you about me, I am a 23-year-old software engineer now staying in Bangalore. I am 5ft 8” with an athletic physic with a 6.5” big but fat cock matching my skin color. The heroine of my life my pinni (my mom’s SIL ) as I call her was 41 when this first incident took place. She is very fair, with a few plumps flesh in the right places.

She has a super sexy figure of 38 – 34- 40 for which every teenager would fall for. She is a widow with 2 kids almost my age. After her husband’s death, she started to stay in the house above ours where my dad allowed them so that she could take care of her kids. Her elder son was in a hostel in Warangal and the second son also finished his 12th and moved to a hostel in Pune for his degree and she was staying alone.

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Let me come to the day that changed my life. I am a football player for a college team and after college, I went to play football and came home. I badly wanted to pee and started to bell my house vigorously, there was no response, I tried for a couple of times and as there was no1 home I ran up to my pinni’s place and did the same. She opened the door and started to scold me for ringing the bell so many times, but since my bladder was full I ran towards the bathroom to take a leak.

The thread (ladi which you have on pajamas) to my shorts was knotted somehow, so I just pulled my shorts out and went in and did the work. After peeing I came out in my undies and did not find my shorts which I had left at the door. Looked around and found it in my pinni’s had to try to remove the knot. I was ok for her to look at me in my undies as I did not have any sexual feelings towards her, so went and asked her to give me the shorts.

She looked up from my undies to my face and asked

Pinni: “will you wear the same dirty shorts again?”
Me: I will go down and change.
Pinni: but there is no one in your house – your parents went to your dad’s village as they got an urgent call that ur dad’s uncleSundhar ( I didn’t even know him as we hardly had met ) was very ill
Me- ok then the keys??
Pinni: they did not give me
Me – oh what do I do now?my books and all my stuff is in the house?
Pinni – its ok – u stay here till they come.
Me – when will they come?
Pinni: I have no idea

Me – then I should stay like this till they come?? ( with anger )
Pinni: giggled, call them and ask when they are back

I called my dad, and he told that his uncle was breathing his last and they might come tomorrow once all the rituals are done. I was angry that he did not give the keys for which he told he was sorry and they forgot as they were in a hurry. I cut the call and asked my pinni for the shorts.

Pinni: I just put it in the washing machine for wash
Me: I was furious as I had nothing to wear and started to shout at her and asked “ what should I wear now“
Pinni: (giggled and teased me) shall I give my saree??
Me: just went away looking for a towel to wrap.

I finally found a small towel, wrapped it around and went to the kitchen looking for something to eat, found a bowl of grapes and came to the hall to the hall to watch TV. Pinni finished her work and sat next to me.

Pinni:wt plans for the day?
Me: furious again wt plans can I make with just my underwear.
Pinni: don’t worry, we will sit in the house and watch TV and play. ( I had no idea what she meant by play at that moment )

We watched TV for some time and had an early dinner. After dinner, we were just scrolling all the channels but there was nothing interesting. So my pinni told we will play cards and told me to get the cards and put some music. By the time, she will change and come. It was all normal for me until that moment as I was just playing some music from my mobile went looking for the cards and there she was changing without even closing the door.

Her saree was on the floor and she stood in her blouse and petticoat. My dick just sprang to life in a jiffy and I hid behind the curtain and started to peep without getting caught. I was waiting for her to remove her blouse and petticoat and wear some nighty but for my disappointment, she pulled out another saree and started to wear it. I just looked for a min and thought the show was over and went to the other room and got the cards.

She came out adjusting her pallu and this was when I noticed it was a see-through saree and my view towards her completely changed. I could clearly see her sexy navel area and her hot cleavage over her blouse. She came and sat right opposite to me and told, “let’s start”. I was confused for a second and then realized she was talking about the game of cards.

I shuffled the deck but could not avoid staring at her 38size boobs that were trying to pop out of those tight hooks of her blouse. We played a couple of games of rummy, but every 2 mins pinni would let her pallu slip giving a better view of her cleavage and adjust it.

My dick was semi-hard and I was controlling to my best not to get caught as I was only in my undies and a layer of the towel over it. In the stating of the 3rd game, her pallu fell and she didn’t bother to adjust it giving a free show for me. It was even hard to play the game now and she asked me intentionally looking at my semi boner if I was OK.

ME – I am fine pinni
Pinni – she asked me directly – its so hot na – is ok if I don’t put my pallu on. ( just to check if I was ok – though I didn’t know her actual intentions )
Me- its ok pinni, however, you are comfortable.
After a couple of more games, she could not wait for me to make the move so she asked
Pinni: is it not getting too boring
Me – hmmm ya
Pinni – let’s make it interesting
Me, how?

Pinni – its hot and there is no AC, we can play a strip game and this will make the game also interesting and even cool us
Me – I didn’t get it. what do we play?? (very innocently, as I really didn’t understand her intentions nor what she said )
Pinni: whoever loses this game should remove one cloth they are wearing.

Me – (I was taken aback and now I understood what she wanted) I told her it’s unfair, cause I have already lost my shorts
Pinni: u have a towel instead
Me – no I don’t agree and started to argue

Pinni: Ok babu, then anyways my pallu is off, I will remove my saree – we will be equal then? and started to pull off her saree ( it came out so easily as she had planned this and had no pins on )
Me – ( My dick raised in no time making a tent under the towel ) ok lets play ( with a grin )

I lost the first game and took off my shirt and shuffled again badly wanted to see my pinni nude ( even now I had not thought of fucking her but to see her massive tits ). The second game started
Pinni: hows your girlfriend?
Me – I don’t have any girlfriends( with a sad face )
Pinni: oh my poor sonny – so u have never been with a girl ( with a wink)
Me – embarrassed and nodded

Me – I won – I shouted I WON –
Pinni: smiled and asked me – what should I remove?
Me – shocked – what?
Pinni: u tell me what I should remove?? your choice
Me – hmmm blouse
Pinni: so ur a boob man? ( started to unhook her blouse )
Me: just smiled and told no
Pinni: removed her blouse – in her pink bra covering just half of her nipples –started to adjust it
Me – nice – you can leave it na

Pinni: u have to win it ( with a wink) – now shuffle the cards
Me – ok I will win
The next game also I WON
Pinni: what now??
Me – Your bra, pinni
Pinni: hence proved
Me – what?

Pinni: ur a boob man – you love boobies – (removed her bra from the top with her amazingly beautiful boobs popping out and giving a full view of her big round areolas and her hard nipples. )
Me: Beautiful ( my dick was like a metal rod now – I tried to adjust and shuffled for the next game )

I lost the next game for the lack of concentration
Me: ok even I will give you a choice – what do u want me to remove ( I had my banian, undies, and towel )
Pinni: (went straight to the target,) your undies?
Me – shocked – how? I still have my towel on and my banyan also
Pinni: remove your undies and let the towel stay
Me – no its not fair
Pinni: be a sports baby – u only gave me a choice

Me – fine – and removed my undies from under my towel – my dick was super hard and made a tent and pinni could have a glance of it – I covered it immediately and sat down. And started the next round
I lost again and thought she will ask me to remove my towel
Pinni: banyan

Me – ( I was surprised )
Pinni: let me give my son another chance
Me: thanks, pinni and started another round,
Me: hahaha I won –
Me – petticoat
Pinni: (as u say son and started to tangle with the knot ) its knotted – can you help me
Me: ok

stood up and went close to her having a very close view of her tits as I went to her knot and touched her hips, this through an electric shock down my spine, it was tangled a lot and I started to untie her knot and it loosened and to my surprise there she was all nude. Yes, she did not have her panties and I could have a clear side view of her hairy pussy.

Pinni: you won baby
Me – I was all surprised and told her “ u are so beautiful

Pinni held my hand and guided them over her boobs, it was an amazing feeling. she pressed it over my hand – it was soo hard
Pinni: you don’t have any girlfriend na, so let me teach you how to please one.

I was on cloud nine when she slowly put her hand into my towel and held my shaft and started to take me to her bedroom. My towel fell to the ground and I didn’t even bother to look at it. She asked me to get over the bed and started to ask me

Pinni: you really have never made out with any girl??
Me: No pinni, you are the first whom I have ever seen nude other than the porn sites
Pinni: ok then let’s start with the basics
Me: Basics??
Pinni: ya

and started to come close to me and started to kiss me. I responded with a simple pec. she started to open her mouth and guided her tongue in me. I responded and started to exchange our saliva and I started to touch her nipples with my right hand (I was still nervous ) she held my hand and made me press her tits hard and told

Pinni: don’t be scared baby, you can feel me freely as you like
Me – Can I lick your nipples
Pinni: I am all your baby

She came and sat over me as I was lying in the bed, she got her tits close to me and allowed me to lick her hard pink nipples.she held my head and pulled me deep into her massive tits. my hand automatically went down her ass looking for her pussy, we I finally reached her pussy and found she was all wet and started to play with her pubic hair and clit.

She freed my mouth from her tits and slowly went down kissing every inch of my body and reached my cock which she held up in her hand and looked straight into my eyes, with a naughty smile she licked my cock head and started to take it in her mouth fully, within a couple of mins I oozed all my cum in her mouth. I was surprised to see, she took the whole load down her throat and licked my dick clean

Pinni: did u like it
Me: ya, pinni, but sorry I could not control
Pinni: its ok son – I like it and stroked my dick which had lost its shape

Within no time my dick came back to life as she gives me a very passionate kiss. She now sat over my dick and guided my big fat cock into her pussy, it was like heaven when my dick entered my aunt’s hairy pussy. She started to ride me and I could see her massive milk tankers jump like balloons. I held them in my hand and she immediately bent down as she rode my dick so that I could lick my pinni’s hard nipple, in a couple of mins, she started to moan and shout

Pinni: aaahhh, come on baby fuck me, fuck me, and she was nearing her orgasm, she slowed down and held me tightly in her thighs as she cum – right after that she gradually increased her speed.
Me: this time I lasted for some time and as I was nearing to cum and this time I told pinni, that I was cumming“ I am about to cum pinni “
Pinni: Ya, me too, cum deep into me, ya cum baby, aaayaaaaaaaaahhhhhhyaaaaahhhhh

We both came together this time and she pulled out from my cock and lay next to me. We both were panting hard as we were sweating all wet.

Pinni: did u like it??
Me: Ya, pinni, it was amazing. I loved it. Can we do it again?
Pinni: sure baby you can fuck me anytime, but make sure no one, not even your best friends know about it.
Me: yes pinni. This is our secret and you are only mine 

There we lie all naked on the bed. We slept like pigs. In the morning I got up late for a call from my friend as I didn’t go to col. I told that I will not come as I had some work and it was already 1 in the clock
I went to the kitchen looking for my pinni, there she was in a light blue saree cooking.

I went and hugged from behind and she pushed me away and told to put something on as the maid was home washing vessels outside. I went in and put the same t-shirt and shorts which were dry now. We had lunch together and I was impatiently waiting for the maid to leave.

I was watching TV and it was 4 in the evening when the maid left and I shut the door immediately and went looking for my pinni.she was in the balcony folding the dried clothes when I went and hugged her. she pushed me and told that the neighbors can watch. I obediently went in and waited in front of the TV. 10 mins later my pinny came to the hall covering herself with a blanket.

I was confused and asked her why? she just dropped the blanket and there she was in a black silky seethrough bra and a sexy panty. I just jumped in excitement and so did my dick. I went straight to her boobs and started to kiss her vigorously and press her boobs over her bra.

Pinni: how do u like the surprise??
Me: awesome pinni – I didn’t know you had such super sexy outfits.
Pinni: I didn’t – I went shopping when you were sleeping in the morning 
Me: wow – pinni– what all did you buy?
Pinni: you will have to wait – one for each occasion baby 
Me: ok pinni. as you say
Pinni: kissed me as I was playing with her right tit and started to stroke me over my shorts.

I started to play with her pubic hair under her panties as she pulled my shorts down and went down to take my hard dick in her mouth, as I lie on my back and playing with her pubes.

She slowly moved her pussy close to my mouth. I pulled her panties to a side and this was the first time I looked at her cunt so close, I started to spread her pussy lips and licked her pussy with all the hair in my mouth, I didn’t mind the disturbance and licked it all wet and she started to moan came.

I could see all that fluids oozing out and licked it clean and she could not wait to take my dick in her pussy as she was now all hyper and got up and asked me to fuck in doggy style. We fucked like dogs for a long time thumped her till I came 2 times in her and she reached 3-4 orgasms.

We lie on the bed talking about how we should do it next when my mobile started to ring and it was dad telling that they will be home in some time. we got up and got dressed and cleaned all the mess we had done.

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