Mother Helps Son | Sex Story In English

This is my first story in porn sex, so please avoid my mistakes if u found any. Now without any late, let us go to the real incident which happened to me and also happening to me.

Let me introduce my self Rahul, I’m 24 years of old. I completed my master degree in reputed university. Now I’m in job searching work and still didn’t get any job. My mother name is Vaani and she is 45 years old. I don’t know about her sizes. This story was started in 5 years. Now coming to the story.

I’m not the much conservative guy. I don’t have any bad intentions on my mom because she really takes care of me. During my B.E holidays, I met with the minor bike accident. But I’m good and I’m not injured more but my hands were injured severe wounds. So, I cant use my hands. She only here to helps me all my needs i.e., from food to the bathroom. She feeding me with food every day and she only baths me and also dresses me. Oh! yes! you guys doubt is correct. She dresses me without underwear and also she watched my semi erected penis also.

We both don’t have any bad intentions, so we neglect that. She cleaned my penis while bathing and also she cleaned my pubic hair with a trimmer. Because of my injured hands, I can’t do anything. I just sit back and watch T.V. She only takes care of my everything. But one day changed everything.

It has been a month, but still, my mom is taking care of me because of severe injury of my hands. One day, I feel more hungry and I can’t stop that. So I decided to masturbate and directly went the bathroom. There she was. My mom was bathing nudely and I got shocked by seeing her and me already in semi-nude i.e., without any pant. My mom too shocked by seeing me in semi-nude.
I think she noticed my erected penis, we both came from shock and I went out. Later she came out of the bathroom with the dress. She usually wears saree only. She asked me what happened, So, this conversation went on,

Mom: What happened chinnu? Do you want to go to the bathroom?
Me: No mom, Its nothing. (By keeping my head down)
Mom : (By caressing me) Tell me what happened?

Me: Mom, I want to masturbate and I can’t bear this pain.
Mom: That’s it. Then go and masturbate. (She went out)
After that, I went to the bathroom and try to masturbate. But I cant do that because of my hand’s pain. My mom peeking my actions and laughing.

Me: Stop mom, Don’t laugh. What can I do now?

Mom: Wait I can help you, Come out and sit back on the couch.
My mom came with vaseline, hair oil and locked the doors.
Mom: So, my son chinnu grown up so fastly.

She took my penis one hand and pour some oil on my penis. Her touch makes me more arouse and my mom noticed with that erection.

Mom: O My God, your penis is growing more and more over.
Me: Do it, mom, I can’t resist more.

My mom started giving a handjob while I’m sitting on the couch and kneel down and doing her job.
Me: Mom, do it, fast mom.

She increased her pace and I’m about to cumming. I cummed all over her handsome split on her neck to the blouse. While cumming, I pressed hard her right boob without my knowledge and release her.
Mom: Why can’t you tell me, when you feel about to cum?
Me: Sorry mom.

Mom: Why you pressed my boob so hard?
Me: I don’t know mom, I did that without my knowledge.
Later next day, She came with oil and tissue.
Mom: Chinnu, Do you want the hand job?
Me: Yes mom.

Mother Helps Son

She came near me and removed my short. Applied oil and started hand job. While doing,
Me: Mom, Why can’t you remove your saree pallu? If not, My semen split all over your saree.
Mom: Oh ok then. Wait then

She removed her saree pallu and started hand job. She did it for 20 minutes and then I cummed over her blouse, neck and her hand. Then she got up and cleaned her hands and blouse. Then she came near me and cleaned my penis with saree pallu.
Later next 2 days,

Me: Mom, Are you coming for the hand job?
Mom: Wait for chinnu, I’m coming.
Me: Ok Mom.

She came with oil and removed my short and started to stroke my penis.

Me: Mom, Now remove your blouse also. Or else it will spoil too.
Mom: No, I cant you became elder now. You cant see me like that.
Me: But mom, you saw me like that?
Mom: I’m your mom.
Me: I’m your son mom.

Mom: Ok then.
She removed her saree pallu and while removing her blouse stopped her.

Me: Stop mom. Just unhook your blouse that’s enough, because, my cum split only on your boobs know.
Mom: Ok

She started stroking my penis fastly. While stroking my penis, I pressed her boobs over her bra.
Mom: Stop chinnu, you cant do like that with your mom.
Me: But mom, you are doing like this with me know, then Why can’t I?
Mom: Ok then press slowly, it’s hurting me.
Me: Ok mom.

she stroked my penis over half an hour.
Mom: How much time you need to cum? Cum fast
Me: I don’t know what happened to my cock mom.
Mom: U don’t know means what? You are pressing my boobs too. What else can a mother do more than this to his son?
Me: Mom, I got an idea.
Mom: What chinnu?

Me: What can you remove your bra too?
Mom: No chinnu. I cant do that. It will go far then.
Me: No mom, I promise it won’t
Mom: Really?

Me: Yes mom, Just remove your bra.
Mom: Ok chinnu, but remember, don’t spread this situation to anyone. I’m here to help my son only.
She removed her bra and covered her both boobs with one hand and stroking my dick with another hand. I stopped her,
Me: Mom, remove your hand.

Mom: I’m feeling shy chinnu.
Me: Its ok mom, nothing will happen.
She removed her hand and I started pressing boobs. Wow, What lovely boobs she has? They were so soft. In the meantime, she increased her pace and I cummed over her face and boobs.
Me: I’m sorry mom
Mom: It’s ok.
She got up and went to clean herself.

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