Most Popular Erotic Stories

Most Popular Erotic Stories

Most Popular Erotic Stories is a wonderful compilation of the best sex stories you can find online. I think we all remember the beauty of secretly flipping through sex magazines or erotic books when we were younger. The feeling of doing something forbidden – therefore exciting; hiding somewhere to get aroused only by imagining hot things happening through written words was priceless.

We are here to offer you a chance to relive those sensations, to stretch your imagination to unknown boundaries, to explore the ability of your brain and reach some of the most exquisite orgasms of your life. As we all know, pornography is usually thought for horny men who can’t spend more than two hours without jerking off or watching into a chick’s cleavage to get a boner.

Most of the time, though, women have totally different needs, when it comes to pornography. They usually love sensual foreplay, and it is not so common to find that in porn movies since most of them are targeted towards men.

Most writers are female; they know what girls like, and they give a lot of space to sexual details. Imagination is one of the most powerful sex tools we have, and women know this very well already. Through reading erotic sex stories, you can dream about what really turns you on, without having to show it to someone else.

On some of these porn stories sites, you can even choose an interactive sex story and, with the help of the site’s authors, you can create a personalised virtual sex fantasy. You can insert your favourite characters or your secret sexual escape; it could be anything – also what is not permitted in real life!

Literotica is one of the most popular porn stories sites, and there you can also submit your own erotic novel; amateur users can share their sexy stories with the magic world of the net. People out there are always craving new spicy details to add to their sexual life, and we believe you are too!

The offer is very diverse: you may find sex stories, erotic porn fiction, sexy poetry, adult novels, sex advice, and much more. This selection of the top porn stories online can be a great source of inspiration for your next fuck, and it can become a marvellous alternative to the usual xxx movies where everything has already been decided.

Porn movies show other people fucking, while erotic literature makes you part of the action; the involvement is so much more powerful! New stories are added daily, so check our news feed for the latest updates and get in touch if you want to be part of this arousing world!

1. Literotica


Finest erotic fiction porn website, Literotica is well-known for sharing the juiciest adult novels on the web

2. Cosmopolitan


If you are curious about real bondage or BDSM sex stories, get in here to read these amazing experiences written by real users

3. SexStories


Best sex stories site, SexStories will surely entertain you with erotic and sexy novels to read and read again

4. LushStories


This great sex stories website is an endless source of porn for lovers of erotic novels. Enter to free your imagination

5. ASexStories


Read the craziest sex stories written by real users; these stories are so hot that you won’t be able to live without them

6. StoriesOnline


If you love sex, writing and reading about adult fantasies and erotic experiences, StoriesOnline is the place for you

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