I met a women on PUBG sex and we are planning to have sex

I met a women on PUBG sex and we are planning to have sex

I am a 24 yr from India. One night i was playing classic squad in PUBG, two of the playes got killed in first 30seconds. Then she started talking. Only by hearing the voice i knew that i was playing with a girl. We talked for the whole game. We introduced each , she is 35 married and have a boy. After that game she requested that we play classic dual together. I agreed and we played, we kept talking for the whole game. I liked her voice and we both liked talking eith each other. So after that game she told me that she is going to sleep so i asked her when can we talk again. She asked my instagram profile and texted me there, she is little bit fat amd her size is exactly like in this pic but darker in color.

She was impressed by pics and told me that i look hadsome. She does not look good but i was excited that i was talking with a women. From my teenage i like fat women. i told her that she look good and i like her body shape, she laughed and asked really? I told her i like your shape.PUBG sex

So in the next day she texted me whether i am free for a PUBG game. We played a dual match and i told her that i like her voice and talking with her. She said she also liked me.

Then aster 2–3 days while chatting in instagram i told her that i miss her voice and want to hear it, she said she also miss my voice. So she gave her phone number and asked me to do whatsapp call. It was already 11:30 at night. so i called her, she told me that her husband is on a business trip and her kid is sleeping. We talked about our day for some time and then it turned to adult jokes.

I told her that this is a secret relationship and now one else should know about we two, she agreed. At 1 she told me she is feeling sleepy i said ok and asked for a hug. She laughed and said i would love to give you a hug. I told that i need a tight hug, she said ok i am now hugging you tightly and she told me that she was hugging the pillow thinking it was me and she gave me some kisses and we slept.PUBG sex

Then her husband came from business trip and we didnt talk for 2 days. After that she texts or calls me whenever she is alone.

I like her and she likes me. She told me that we can meet if i go to banglore. So i am planning to go to banglore. We both know that we eant to have sex but never talked about it. Once i asked she have to sleep with me if i came to bamglore and she said she also wants to sleep with a hadsome boy like me.

So i want to say that i am planning to go to banglore and book a hotel and have sex with her even though she does not look good, i am really excited as i am a virgin and i like her body size.

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