Lori and I were just friends. I already had a girlfriend, but when Lori wore that little pink dress, I definitely paid attention. What happened that afternoon in the darkroom was just between us.

Lori and I had been friends since we were freshmen. Sure, we flirted and teased a little, but I don’t think either of us expected anything to ever come of it. I had a girlfriend and I know Lori had been in and out of a couple of relationships.

In our senior year, Lori started dressing a little sexier and teasing a little more, not just with me. She was cuter than hot, a very petite girl with light brown hair. She had a little pink dress that definitely got the guys’ attention. The silky material clung tightly to her body and then hung lose a few inches below her ass.

We worked as editors on the high school yearbook. That afternoon, we were going over a page, with me sitting and her standing. She brushed her leg against my hand and I moved back. But then her leg was back against my hand, more firmly, and I figured “what the hell” and kept my hand still. The feeling of her smooth thigh against me was getting me hard in a hurry.

It was near the end of the school day and the rest of the staff was filtering out. Then our advisor said she had a meeting to get to and asked if we could lock up when we were done. By now, Lori was sitting next to me and now it was her chest pushed against the back of my hand.

Still talking…

After a few minutes of feeling the silky material and the weight of her breast, I turned my hand sideways, letting my fingers touch her. Lori was still talking about the page, but she had to know what I was doing. I started, ever so slowly, massaging her breast. Suddenly, she said, “I’ll give you 15 minutes to stop doing that.”

We both laughed nervously and then she turned to me and said, “What about the other one?” Now I reached out with both hands and openly massaged and squeezed her breasts. We pressed our open mouths to each other and I dropped my hands to those beautiful thighs, sliding the dress up and reaching the thin strip of nylon on her hips and ass.

Lori broke our kiss to suggest we go to the darkroom of our office. I knew I shouldn’t cheat on my girl, but there was no way I could stop now. We got to the darkroom and Lori turned on the dim light. She hopped on the counter and we resumed kissing as her dress fell back, completely exposing her little white panties. I slid my hand between her legs and felt the smooth material against her pussy.

I reached behind her neck and found the zipper on her dress, quickly pushing it down her back. She slid the dress down her shoulders to her waist. She lifted her hips and the dress came off, leaving her in a white bra and panties. I stood back and quickly stripped, first the shoes and socks, then the shirt and then the pants, pausing before I pushed my briefs down and off. My friend was staring at my thick hard-on with pure lust.

Taking it deep…

She hopped off the counter and told me to take her place. She was short enough that she could suck me standing up with me on the counter. I will never forget the sight of Lori, still in her underwear, taking my cock deep in her mouth. She put her hands on my legs and I held the base of my dick, occasionally pulling it out to rub against her face.

Knowing that I had a girlfriend, Lori looked up and said, “If you want me to finish you off this way and not fuck, I’ll understand. But I’d love to feel this thing inside me.” Without a word, I reached around and unhooked her bra, then hopped off and slid her panties down and off. Back on the counter, she went, legs spread wide. I slid my fingers up and down her sopping wet pussy lips. Then I rubbed the head of my cock against them and then I slowly pushed forward.

“Oh shit,” Lori said. “It’s so fucking thick.” I eased in and out the first few strokes and then started picking up the pace. Lori wrapped those legs around me. I looked at her little naked body and my hard-on pushing into her and it was all I could do to keep from cumming. I changed the pace, fast, then slow, then fast. “God, keep fucking me,” she grunted. We kept that up for a few minutes before I motioned her down.

I laid a cushion on the floor and she knew what I wanted. She got on her hands and knees and I got behind her. She was soaked and I slipped in easily. Pretty soon I was banging her hard, our bodies slapping together. “You like it?” I asked. “Fuck yeah,” Lori said. “You can fuck this pussy anytime you want.” I was getting close. “You want my cum?” I said. “Yeah, man shoot it into me.”

Holding her firm little ass, I gave it all I had, 10 or 15 more frenzied strokes until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I sank the whole thing in and fired about five jets of sperm into Lori.

After we recovered and dressed, Lori asked if this was a one-time thing. “It really should be,” I said. “But if you wear that dress again, I wouldn’t bet on it.”

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