Fuck fest with FILFuck fest with FIL

I entered my bedroom and rushed to the bathroom. Quickly, I undressed by removing my kurta and bra. I started the shower and stood underneath, letting the shower’s cold water pour over my heated body. I could feel my father-in-law’s cum rinsing off my thighs with the water. I realized that my body was still trembling. In a matter of minutes, my whole world had changed.

I had been fucked by my husband’s father. I didn’t know how I would face Adeel tonight. What would I tell him? Could I tell him what his father did to me? I sat on the bathroom floor, folded my leg close to my thighs and rested my head over my knees. Tears began to streak down my eyes. Water from the shower continued drenching my shivering body. I knew that I could not tell Adeel of what had happened with me. I should have told him on the first occasion itself; I cursed myself.

Now he wouldn’t take the news easily. Although he loved me but he would not accept me for fucking his father. No… I wouldn’t tell him. I don’t know how long I stayed there. Finally, I got up, and wiped my face clearing the tears from my eyes. I washed my cunt, then opened the bathroom door and came out. Father-in-law was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the bathroom. His legs were wide open, and he was sporting another massive erection. In my rush, I had forgotten to lock my room’s door. “You shouldn’t have left,” He smiled lecherously. “I still need you.” Frozen with shock, I stared at him incredulously. “Look,” he pointed toward his hard on, “he’s still hungry.”

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“No… Not again.” I mumbled. “Please get out.” He didn’t listen to me; rose from his position and came near to me. He grabbed my soaked body in his arms and dragged me to my bed. “No… No…” I resisted. He pushed me on the bed. “I’ll tell Adeel.” I said meekly. “No… won’t.” He began stroking his already rigid cock. “You tell Adeel… and I’ll throw you out.” I looked at him like a terrified kitten. Father-in-law sat on the edge. “You’ll like it Nilu… believe me…you’ll like it.” His voice was suddenly soft. “I’ll make you very happy.”

“No… I can’t do it… please.” I made a meek effort to stop him. “No but…” He gently brushed his hand over my wet bush. “Adeel will never know about it… I promise you.” I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. Father-in-law began rubbing my pussy. His index finger touched my clit, and he brushed it coarsely. I squeezed my thighs. He played with my wet hairy clit, slowly running his fingers up and down. I didn’t want to admit it, but his rough finger felt good over my love bud. His antics slowly tickled some unknown nerves, and my body began to respond to his touch. I could feel a mild wave of pleasure radiating through my loins.

All of a sudden, my cunt lips jerked involuntarily. “You like it Nilu…” Father-in-law whispered his voice hoarse with lust. “I know you like it.” I was sure that his poking fingers must have sensed the twitching in my pussy. My face turned red. I closed my eyes with shame. “Spread your legs.” He said suddenly. I opened my eyes and stared at him. He put his hand over my thigh and pushed. As if, my body accepted his command, my knees fell apart, allowing him full view of my wet pussy. He lustily gazed at my hairy slit while licking his lips. He kept on playing with my clit. With his free hand, he started stroking his bulging cock.

His fingers massaged around my cunt lips and clit; my body began to buck with pleasure. The copious secretion from my cunt began to ooze out, slowly seeping down to my puckered hole. I wanted to stop him… wanted to move his hand off my clit. I realized if he kept rubbing my cunt like that, I would succumb to the pleasure and nothing would stop me from cumming. I was slowly losing my self- control; my body responding more eagerly to his manipulations.

‘Get off you scum’ — I wanted to scream. I opened my lips. All that came out was a loud whimper. “Ahhhhhhh…” I gave a long moan, my body became tense; my body reeled with a mind blowing orgasm. I squeezed my cunt around his finger tightly and went into total spasm. My cunt throbbed and throbbed around his finger, and it inundated his probing digit with a fresh release of my juice. Father-in-law groaned happily. Immediately, he withdrew his finger and moved to between my legs. He positioned himself and grabbed his cock in his fist. I was mesmerized by the purple-colored, bloated cock-head which had a tiny drop of pre-cum at the tip. Again, a silent battle ensued between my mind and body. I wanted to push him off and run away from my room, but my body refused. It stayed motionless… with fear or lust, I didn’t know.

His cock nudged between my cunt lips. Father-in-law slowly pushed his cock into me. “No…” I cried; but my cunt readily accepted the intruding organ. I felt a gentle twinge, a faint memory of our previous fuck, as his cock moved inside my slippery canal. His cock was completely buried in me with one smooth push. I moaned softly as his balls slapped against my ass. He smiled happily, looking at me with his lust filled eyes. “You like it darling… you like it.” He began fucking me with long strokes. I lay beneath him silently, receiving his gigantic cock in and out of my pussy. Within a span of thirty minutes, I was getting fucked for the second time by my father-in-law. My own response was completely different from the first time. My cunt was responding very eagerly. It lapped his every stroke, sucking his cock into its ravenous depth.

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“Nilu…” He spoke hoarsely. “Yes…”

“You like my cock inside your cunt… don’t you.”

“No… ahhh… ahhh…” My mind was reeling with pleasure, but I was not ready to accept it yet. He was my rapist. I didn’t do it willingly; he forced me to do it. However, my own body refused to accept my logic– it reeled and bucked with pleasure. He groaned. Grabbing my legs, he lifted them high in the air, and began fucking harder. In and out, in and out… his massive cock bore into my pussy, making it beg for more. With every stroke, he pushed deeper and deeper; his balls slapped noisily against my ass. I didn’t realize when I started moaning. Father-in-law pumped harder and harder. My pussy clutched tightly around his shaft. He was panting with the effort.

I thirstily waited for him to erupt inside me again. Moments later, he reached his climax. He rammed his cock inside for the final time. His spitting cock pumped hot cum deep into my pussy. It drove me over the edge. I dug my fingers into the material of bed sheet to prevent me fainting with rapture. He emptied his balls deep, then slowly got off me. His cum began to ooze out of my freshly fucked pussy. I didn’t move, closed my eyes and enjoyed the blissful moment. When I opened my eyes, father-in-law was sitting on the edge of my bed. His hands were on my naked thighs. He was gently stroking them. He looked at me and smiled. “Don’t say anything to Adeel.” He was smiling, but the threat was very clear. “I’ll make you very happy.”

I gave him a delirious look, but didn’t speak. He got up, gave a final pat to my naked thigh and went out of the room. He didn’t even close the door behind him. I watched him going, suddenly realizing that my bed was soaked because when he dragged me to bed, I was fresh out of the shower. I didn’t feel any hurry. I just lay there, feeling his hot cum oozing out of my pussy, dribbling down to my ass and then to the bed underneath. I realized that I would never be able to tell the truth to Adeel. I had enjoyed my second fuck with my father-in-law. My cunt was sore when I went to my bedroom that night. Adeel arrived early that evening.

I served dinner to them– Adeel, his father and the kids. Father-in-law was very talkative. He joked with the kids and discussed business with Adeel. He even advised him to bring some gift for me the next day. During dinner, I avoided going out to the veranda and stayed mostly in the safety of my kitchen. I was afraid to face my husband in front of his father. I was worried that he would read on my face what had transpired between his father and me during the day. The kids were already asleep when I entered my bedroom. Adeel was awake–waiting for me. I avoided eye contact, turned off the lights and silently slipped into the bed beside him.

I lay with my back toward him. I felt his hand over me, and he pulled me into his arms. “No… Not today… I’m tired.” I told him. He didn’t seem to listen. His hands began to explore my private parts, and he began to strip me. I had no courage to stop him. I lay there silently letting him remove my clothes.

Once I was completely naked, he began to strip. Then I felt him between my legs. His cock tip nudged at my opening which was smarting due to morning fuck. I wanted to ask him to stop, afraid that he would immediately come to know about my infidelity. Adeel tried to push his cock into my pussy. The tip forced against my sore inner lips. I moaned. He took it as a sign of acceptance, and he pushed harder. It didn’t go inside. My cunt was completely dry. Failing to insert his cock into me, he withdrew it and replaced it with his finger. His index finger entered my aching cunt, and he began finger fucking me. I lay still under him while his digit moved in and out of my pussy. His efforts began to pay off moments later. I felt the sensation and my pussy started lubricating. Only then I realized why my pussy was hurting so much after the morning fuck. When father-in-law fucked me in the morning; I was afraid and was not ready for the fuck.

My cunt was completely dry when he rammed his cock in mercilessly, making it feel like a virgin pussy. I began to relish Adeel’s slow finger fucking. Soon, my cunt was dripping wet. Adeel withdrew his finger and again planted the tip of his cock at the dripping entrance of my pussy. He pushed lightly. His cock moved easily into my slick pussy. He inched forward, slowly inserting the entire length of his cock deep into my pussy, his balls coming to rest against my ass. He began fucking me with a slow rhythm. I enjoyed his deep rhythmic fucking. My mind drifted to my father-in-law. I tried to compare the two men who had fucked me. Adeel was a delicate lover, gentle and caring. Fucking Adeel always gave me an impression of being handled with utmost care. He never rushed, never tried to force it, and always fucked me in slow and deliberate manner.

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My morning experience with his father was exactly the opposite. He was like an animal in bed, wild and savage. He fucked me so hard that my cunt was still aching. He didn’t bother to work my pussy for some lubrication. I felt disgusted when he began fucking me but when he finished; my cunt, although hurting from his animal onslaught, was silently begging for more. I had never been fucked like that before. Again, I recalled the morning fuck. My pussy began to ooze aplenty. I moaned lightly. Adeel groaned happily hearing my muffled moans while his cock sliced into my cunt. He was panting with the effort.

I felt ashamed for thinking about my father-in-law while my husband was making love to me. I shrugged myself out of my reverie and began humping back at the pistoning cock. Adeel found me responding. He increased his pumping. He was fast approaching his climax. Finally, he grunted loudly, and lunged forward. He buried his cock deep into my pussy and erupted inside me. His cock spurted again and again and flooded my womb with his love juice. Slowly, the jerking receded and then ceased altogether. He gently pulled his soft cock out of my pussy. Breathing heavily, he rolled off me and slumped on my side. I slipped off the bed and rushed to the bathroom. I pissed and washed my cunt thoroughly, dried my cunt lips and wet bush with a towel. Then I put my clothes on. When I returned, Adeel was snoring. I lay beside him silently, closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

In a single day, I had been fucked by two men. Two different cocks had deposited their seeds inside my womb. I had been fucked and loved on the same day. Two people… so different from each other… one a gentle lover… the other like a wild animal. I should hate the animal for what he did to me. But, did I… really? Today, something had changed inside me. My body longed to relive that pleasure again, to feel that animal energy penetrating my body, the brutal thrusting and massive force of ejaculation inundating my pussy. I squirmed on the bed, squeezing my thighs, trying to stop the sudden flow of wetness seeping from my cunt.

When I finally drifted to sleep, I was soaking wet between my legs. The first thing I noticed in the morning was that the soreness was replaced by a very mild, gentle prickling sensation, a faint reminder of what had transpired yesterday. The morning passed in the usual way. I sent the kids to school and cooked breakfast for Adeel and his father. Father-in-law came out of his room only when the breakfast was ready. He looked fresh and gave me a nasty grin. Red with embarrassment, I avoided his gaze, and served the breakfast. They ate ravenously while I served the tea. After breakfast, Adeel changed and was ready for the shop. He took instructions from his father, collected his Tiffin and went out.

I was now alone in the house. Father-in-law had already retired to his room. He was watching some news channel. I could hear the sound of a news reader reading the morning news.

I paced in the kitchen; a strange nervousness gripped me. My heart began to beat faster. I expected him to come out of his room, grab me, take me to his room and fuck me hard. I was suddenly flushed. Holy shit…I cursed myself for my lustful thinking. I must hate that bastard for ruining my life… the evil man who had violated me like an animal. A fight within my conscious ensued. My body responded in an entirely different way. I could feel my crotch getting wetter with every passing minute. Someone knocked at the front door. When I opened it, the housemaid was standing there. To my surprise, I didn’t like her presence although it was her regular routine.

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I accompanied her to the kitchen and gave her the instructions. While she was busy mopping the floor, I stood by the kitchen door and looked in the direction of my father-in-law’s room. No movement. He seemed busy listening to the morning news, but I was sure that he must be looking at me from some hidden corner. The maid finished her work. I walked her to the door and locked it. I was breathing heavily. Anytime now father-in-law would come out and grab me in his arms. My cunt twitched with a strange anticipation. “How can I do this?” I felt ashamed about my lewd thoughts. I heard Shama cry. I rushed to my bedroom, took her in my arm and breast-fed her. She was soon asleep. I came out of my room. I picked up the noise of the shower running in the common bathroom. “Nilu…” I heard him shout from the bathroom. “Yes.”

“I forgot my towel,” He said loudly. “Please give it to me.”

“Help yourself.” I realized that my voice was quivering. “I am naked… can’t come out… please get it.” He shouted from the bathroom; I could feel the taunt in his voice. My body began to tremble with an incredible anticipation. I went to his room, took his towel from his bed and walked to the bathroom door. I gently tapped on the door. “Towel.” The door opened immediately. I extended my hand with the towel while looking away from him. “What’re you doing Nilu… hand it properly?” I turned my head. Father-in-law was standing naked at the door, leering; his body soaked with water, his massive cock jutting out of his coarse bush, his heavy balls hanging erotically. “Look what happens to me every time I see you.” He smiled lecherously as he twitched his strong abdominal muscles to cause his cock to jounce up and down. I could not avoid looking at the thick rod that was swinging so majestically.

Father-in-law moved forward, grabbed my hand and dragged me into his arms. “Let me go.” I tried to resist unsuccessfully. “Please.” He laughed and dragged my struggling body under the shower. The cold water from shower fell over our heated bodies. I could feel his raging hard on poking into my belly through my wet clothes. He began to take my clothes off. “No… Please don’t.” I offered a half hearted resistance. “Let me go.” He didn’t seem to listen to me. One by one, he undid my kurta and salwar. First, he pulled my kurta over my head. He then unhooked my bra exposing my full breast and hard nipples. He carelessly dropped the bra on the floor. Shivering with shame, I cupped my tits in a frail attempt to hide my nudity from him. He didn’t pay any attention and proceeded to undo my salwar.

Next moment, my salwar was on the floor and I was standing there in nothing but my panties. He groaned happily at my predicament, slipped his fingers into my panties and rolled them down my thighs. I was standing completely naked, next to my father-in-law, his bulbous cock head poking into my fleshy belly. Trembling feverishly, I covered my tits with one hand and tried to cover my bushy cunt with the other. His lips spread in a lewd smile. He took my hands and forced them apart exposing my tits and cunt. He looked at my naked body with admiration. “You’re gorgeous Nilu.” His voice was hoarse with lust.

He grabbed me back into his arms crushing my supple body into his hairy chest. My body melted in his arms. My swollen and hard nipples pressed against his chest. I felt his erect cock and balls rubbing against my tummy. My pussy was dripping with anticipation. All thoughts of remorse suddenly evaporated. I realized I was no longer nervous but ready. Father-in-law moved his hand over my buttocks and pulled my soft body into his masculine body. He brought his lips down and kissed me. I readily accepted his advance and returned his kiss. His tongue probed my mouth as his hand kneaded the big halves of my ass.

We kissed passionately. I had forgotten that it was totally forbidden for me. If the truth came out, I would have no place in this society. I would lose my husband, children… everything that life had given me so far. I would become a pariah. Nonetheless, in the heat of the moment, none of this came to my mind. All I wanted was that magnificent cock plundering my hungry pussy. Father-in-law seemed to understand my desire. He took my hand and placed it over his cock. Under the falling water from the shower, it felt like a burning rod of steel, strong and thick. His hand moved between my thighs, and his fingers explored my soaked hairy pussy. He inserted a digit into my cunt.

I moaned with delight. He fucked me with his finger. His finger was thick, almost like a cock. My cunt willingly accepted the intruding digit and clasped it in its velvety enclave. I was breathing hard with passion. His moving finger inside my cunt was doing miracles, causing my cunt to beg for more. I felt my warm cunt juices soaking his finger. He drove me crazy with desire. I desperately wanted his thick rigid tool between my pussy lips. I tightened my fingers over his cock and rubbed it against my pussy lips.

Father-in-law brought his mouth to my soft nipples. He took one between his lips and sucked it hard, making me whimper with lust. I was still a lactating mother. He sucked milk from my breast hungrily. I realized that if I didn’t let him fuck me, I would die of my extreme desire. “Ahhhhhhhhh…” I heard myself moaning. I wanted to tell him that it felt so good, but the words got stuck in my mouth. Father-in-law alternated between my tits, sucking both nipples one by one, enjoying my motherly milk. He gave equal attention to each of my tits. His sucking became rougher. I began to whimper and squirm; my hand tightly squeezed and released his cock.

He let go my tits and began kissing me on my stomach. I felt his tongue probing into my belly button. His tongue moved further down toward the hairy mound of my pussy. Then I felt his tongue sliding over my bushy cunt lips. It was an entirely new experience. For a second, I thought that I would die with rapture.

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Adeel had never kissed me down there. I had never enjoyed the bliss of oral sex though I was vaguely aware of the fact that some people do things like that. “What… what are you doing?” I moaned– never wanting him to stop. Father-in-law spread my fleshy thighs and began licking my dripping pussy. I felt his tongue exploring my inner cunt lips and my tiny bud protruding at the top. His tongue flicked rapidly over my inflamed clitoris. He began to eat my pussy heatedly. He slid his tongue deep into my juicy cunt, and then pulled it out slowly. He pinched my clit and then tried to take it between his lips. My clit is very small so he forced his lips over it and sucked it sharply.

My body shuddered as a sudden flash of pleasure shot through my body. I arched my back and cried out. My thighs were trembling violently. My hand fumbled to hold something on the wall to prevent myself from collapsing. I raised my hands and groped for the shower’s pipe. I grabbed it with both hands. Supporting my load against the pipe, I spread my legs further providing his probing tongue further access to my dripping pussy. I became aware of my hairy armpits, realizing that I hadn’t shaved them for almost six months.

Father-in -law was pretty occupied with my cunt. He sucked my cunt lips into his mouth and flicked my clit so wildly with his tongue that I was afraid I might come before he even started fucking me. I squirmed my thighs against his tongue. As if he understood my desperation, father-in-law withdrew his tongue from my dripping pussy. I wondered how he would fuck me as there wasn’t enough space in the bathroom. I expected him to take me out to his bedroom. However, he had other plans. He pushed the bucket and a small plastic tub to one corner, then grabbed me by my hips and helped me settle on the limited space on the bathroom floor.

It was an awkward position as my legs were high and resting against the wall. He positioned himself between my legs and lowered himself. I watched deliriously as he lowered his waist. I felt his fingers holding his cock as he fumbled at the opening. He found the right place and planted the tip. Then he pushed forward. His thick cock moved easily in my dripping cunt. He didn’t have to make any further efforts as my cunt was well lubricated. He lowered his hips until the entire length of his cock was buried inside me.

Intuitively, I wrapped my legs around his waist. He buried his face between my undulating tits and started fucking me with his massive cock. His movements were slow at first probably because of our awkward position, but he soon found his rhythm and began fucking me harder and faster. I could feel his gigantic prick fucking deeper and deeper into my dripping cunt hole. With every stroke, it was driving me nuts. I clasped my thighs tightly around his waist and tried to wiggle my hips, trying to get his raging cock even deeper into my willing cunt. His face was buried in my tits. His lips were mercilessly kneading my soft flesh.

He was groaning loudly with lust. “Nilu… what a cunt.” He was out of breath with exertion. He pounded my pussy relentlessly. His lewd words worked to aggravate my longing for his ferocious cock. I began working my cunt muscles over his cock. I tried to hold his cock tightly inside by squeezing my cunt muscles. Father-in-law moaned with pleasure. Both of us had completely forgotten the water that was continuously falling over our burning bodies. “Aaahhhhh… aah… aah…” I realized that I was actually moaning with lust with every plunge he made into my hungry cunt. My pussy was dripping profusely under his onslaught.

Over and over, father-in-law fucked his mammoth cock deep into my wet slick pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore. My orgasm hit me like a flash of lightening. “Aahhhhhhhhhhh…” I moaned shamelessly, completely oblivious to the fact that I was actually coming while fucking my father-in-law. I enjoyed my orgasm with wild abandon.

Father-in-law sensed my orgasm. He began pumping my pussy even harder. “I’m coming… Nilu… its coming.” He moaned and fucked his cock all the way into my ravenous pussy. He cried loudly as his cock began shooting inside me. Wads of thick sticky cum spurt from his massive fuck tool and gushed into my ravenous pussy. He pressed my body against the floor. I put my arms around his neck and enjoyed the hot molten seed erupting from his rigid shaft. Slowly, the throbbing subsided and his cock began to soften inside me. My legs were still clenching to his waist. He rested his face over my tits, desperately trying to control his erratic breathing. We remained there in that position, trying to catch our breaths. Then I lowered my leg on the floor. He got up. His limp cock slipped out of me.

His cum oozed out of my freshly fucked pussy, dribbling along the crack of my ass, mixed with the water pouring from the shower. The water helped in rinsing a part of our fuck juices from our bodies. Father-in-law gave me a satisfied grin. “God knows Nilu,” He smiled. “I never fucked a cunt like yours.” After so recklessly enjoying a mind blowing fuck with my father-in-law, I suddenly found myself turning red with shame and embarrassment. Father-in-law helped me in washing my cunt. He took his time in working his fingers up my pussy and cleansed every drop of cum deposited. Still, he was not satisfied. We showered together and only then, he relented and released me. I hurriedly fled to my room, naked, leaving my drenched clothes lying on the bathroom floor.

I closed the doors from the inside and grabbed a towel. I stood in front of my dressing table; dried my soaked body and began drying my wet hair with the towel. I looked at my naked reflection in the mirror. My body was glowing with the aftereffects of my shower fuck with my father-in-law. I found myself turning crimson. I had cheated on my loving husband. I wasn’t fully responsible for the last day’s incident. However, I couldn’t deny that I had seen it coming, yet didn’t do much to stop it.

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Perhaps I should have informed Adeel about his father’s overtures much earlier. Now, it was too late. The thin line separating my relationship with my father-in-law had been crossed. The truth was that I had enjoyed it; in fact, I rather waited for it to happen today. By succumbing to the temptation, I had lost any moral ground that I had before starting my lustful relation with my father-in-law. I saw my daughter stirring in her bed. Afraid that she would wake up at any moment, I dropped the towel, and hurriedly took a new pair of bra and panties from the dresser and slipped them on my body. I was about to put my salwar and kurta on when there was a knock at the door. “Who’s there?” Although, I knew who it was. “Nilu… open the door,” The horny old man was gain back, “want to show you something.”

“Not yet.” I replied, again feeling a sudden rush of excitement running through my body. “I’m still undressed.” Immediately, his lecherous laughter resonated from the other side of door. “Still have something to hide? Please open… I’ve got something for you.” I thought for a moment, and then opened the door. Father-in-law stepped inside. He was in his usual dress; his upper body bare and a tahmed carelessly wrapped around his waist that did nothing to hide the bulge in front of his crotch. When he saw me standing in only in a bra and panties, his eyes opened wide in admiration. “It’s for you.” He gave me a lewd grin. He brought his hand from behind his back and presented me with a box. I reached out and took the box in my hand. I lifted the lid and slowly opened the box. Nestled in the blue velvety cloth was a beautiful pearl necklace. He removed it from the box and held it up. “It’s for you.” He whispered. “No… I can’t take it.” I refused. “What am I gonna tell Adeel.”

“Don’t worry about him.” He handed me the necklace. “Just give him any cock and bull story… he’ll believe it.” He moved behind me, took the necklace from me and slipped it around my neck. Then he took me in front of the mirror. “Nilu… you’re gorgeous.” He spoke as he slipped his arms around my waist. I felt his hardness pressing into my back. His hand slipped inside my panties, and his hand touched my juicy, swollen cunt lips and quickly found my clit. He began to rub my tiny love-button. “No… please stop… not anymore.” I resisted, but he didn’t listen to me. In a flash, he slipped my panties off my legs.

Then he unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor. “Now look,” Said the horny old man. “so… beautiful.” I stared at the petite naked woman, with only a pearl necklace around her neck, staring at me from the mirror. A pair of hands was working over her hairy pussy from behind. I had never been in such a position. A sudden wave of arousal rushed through my body. I felt his cock poking into my ass cheeks. Then I realized that father-in-law had already dropped his tahmed, and he was standing completely naked behind me. Father-in-law grabbed me from behind and forced me to bend forward. “No… not.” I tried to stop him. “What’re you doing?” He didn’t listen and pushed me.

I bent forward and grabbed the edge of the dressing table. I was now on all fours with my ass high in air and my hands gripping the dressing table. He positioned himself behind me. I held my breath as his mammoth manhood touched my glistening pussy.

He took the cock tip between his thumb and index finger and planted the tip at the opening of my scorching pussy. My entire body shivered with strange anticipation. I was never fucked from behind before. Although, Adeel and I were aware about many positions of fucking, but we had never given it a try. It was mostly done in missionary position. Adeel never liked to experiment; and I was too prudish to ask for any such thing. I waited with bated breath. “Sorry Nilu… can’t stop now.” I felt his cock head gently opening my inflamed cunt lips. He gripped my hips and gave a massive push.

His cock began its journey into my already creaming pussy. In one stroke, it was completely buried into me. His crotch banged against my ass. “Ahhhhhhhhhh…” Father-in-law cried in excitement as his cock plunged into my cunt. He began fucking me vigorously. I waited for a moment and then began responding to his strokes. Father-in-law fucked me harder and faster. I was surprised at his energy. Only fifteen minutes ago, he had fucked me in the shower, and now his cock was again buried inside from behind and he was pumping my pussy like a madman. I could never recall being fucked by Adeel twice in one day. Probably during the initial years of our marriage, he had fucked me more than once but such occasions were very rare. I had a sense of exhilaration for being such a turn on for my father-in-law.

His cock was moving in and out of my ravenous cunt like a piston. With every stroke, he was pulling his cock completely out of my pussy and then immediately ramming it back into my horny depths. I began to squirm. I lifted my head and stared at the woman at me from the mirror. Her face contorted with lust; she was groaning, moaning, begging the old man to pump her pussy harder and harder. It was entirely a different woman. The simple homely housewife was lost somewhere, and I was looking at a cock hungry whore who was so lecherously enjoying her ordeal. Father-in-law was groaning with effort.

His movements were increasing with every passing second. His strong thighs slapped against the back of my thighs again and again. My whole body reveled with the exquisite feeling. “Aarhhhhhhhhhhhh…” He moaned loudly as he plunged his hard on into my pussy. I sensed his impending orgasm and thrusted my ass to take his plunge. His cock exploded like a massive volcano, releasing a big load of thick fresh cum deep inside my pussy. I felt his jerking within the velvety folds of my pussy and releasing gob after gob of fresh cum. It triggered my own orgasm. My pussy twitched violently around his cock. I forcibly squeezed my thighs trying to milk his shooting cock. His cock jerked inside me for the final time, and then his ejaculation stopped. He withdrew his slick cock out of my cum filled pussy.

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Father-in-law slumped over my back, breathing heavily. I felt his cum oozing out of my pussy and slowly trickling along my inner thighs. Finally, he got up releasing his grip on my hips. I got up and turned to face him. I looked at his cum soaked cock that was fast shrinking in size. He gave me an exultant look. Lovingly, he put his had over my dripping pussy and gently ran his fingers over my slit. I closed my eyes and reveled in a wanton abandon. “Nilu…” He spoke.

I opened my eyes. “You should take care of yourself.” He pointed toward my hairy underarms. “Go to a parlor and get this removed.” He gave me warm smile, and went out of the room, gently closing the door behind him. I staggered to my bed and collapsed over it. I got back to my senses only when my one year old daughter woke up and began crying.

I suddenly felt ashamed of my nakedness in front of my toddler. I slipped a sheet, covered my naked body, and took her in my arms.

That afternoon, I visited a beauty salon to get a complete makeover.

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