First Kiss Leading To Sex With Boyfriend

Coming to the story. I met a guy named Raj (name changed) in fb. I use to chat with him daily on fb. He asked me my num in but I refused to give it as it was d 2nd day that v were chatting. Later as the days went on I trusted hm n gave him my num. I have not seen him but shared my contact details with him n later v use to chat daily.

Let me tell about him. He was 6ft tall. Fare in complexion. He had attractive lips. His cock was 7inch. I was 5.4ft tall and had figure 34-28-34 and fair in completion and I use to get a complement to my lips as they are sexy.

Aft few months he told he loves me. He wanna a long relationship with me by that time even I was in love with him but didn’t express at moment. He told he loves me but at that time I rejected giving some reasons. Later he asked again aft some days n then I agreed.

Then we thought f meeting. So v planned for a movie. I meet him at 10 and den we went for a movie in a mall. He tried to touch me as I was not knowing anything I just went away from him. He dint do anything later. Then after movie v left form home. Aft that incident once he asked me that he wants to hug me and then he wanted to kiss me. I didn’t agree for that and stopped the conversation.

Once I was alone at home and he called me and asked what I am doing. I said I am alone at home. He told he will join me. I said OK. He den came aft 30 mins. To make him surprise I wore a 1 piece dress black in colour. And my figure was 34-28-34. And I directed my home route and finally he was there.

He entered home n directly he went inside room. I didn’t say anything. He sat there and asked for water. I went to kitchen and brought water and gave him. He drunk and den told I am looking sexy. He said him thanx for that.

Then he told me to sit on his lap. I did the same. He started touching and pressing my boobs. I was shocked to cc that. I asked him what is he doing. He told he is in mood and tried to kiss me. I pushed him. But he didn’t leave me he took me towards wall and he holds my 2 hands in his hand and kissed me on my lips for 2mins.

That was my 1st kiss. He was then pressing my boobs and kissing me hard. That continued for almost 3 hours. And then he left. Then once he called me to his room. He was staying in his room with his friend in Bangalore as his friend had been to his native he called me.

I told him if he promise if he doesn’t do anything to me oly I will b coming. He said ok and told to cum. I told I will be going to friends home for combine studies at home and went to his room. Reached there by 4 pm.

He had bought a single piece dress for me and told me to wear it in front of him. I refused. And I sent him out n den I wore. He then came inside the room and hugged me from back and started pressing my boobs.

Then took me to bed he removed his shirt and removed my dress I was in my black bra n pink panty in front of him. He den started pressing my boobs harder n harder and kissing me on my lips. It continued for 30mins then he removed my bra and he started sucking my nipple. It had become hard by that time. He was pressing my left one n sucking right.

Later he removed his pant and den my panty and his inner. I was shocked to see his 7 inch cock. That was 1st time I was seeing cock. He told me to hold it. I did then told to give hand job and he guides me how to do. I did by then I was wet. He spread my legs full wide and started eating my pussy. As soon as his mouth touched my cunt I moaned with pleasure.

He started exploring the depths of my juicy wet pussy with his tongue and teeth. I was digging my tongue deeper each time and it was making me hips shake. It went for around 10mins of wild kissing session on my pussy. I started jerking my hips and he knew I was nearing climax and he gave a bite at my clit.

I was morning ha a ahhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes do it hard come on do it hard this turned him and he did it hard. Room was filled with my sounds. The tip of his cock went in my pussy. I was crying and telling him to remove it, but he didn’t. He waited for some moments and pushed it again. Half of his cock went inside I was shouting in pain.

He stopped for a moment and kissed me to divert my mind from pain. It was so tight. Then finally it went inside me. Now I was in full pain and that pain turned into pleasure I enjoyed it. I told him to fuck harder. That arose him he did it with more pleasure this time. We were tired and then we slept for some time it was 8 O’clock den v had dinner without wearing cloths.

Then we went to sleep in between when I woke up I was on him he was sucking my boobs. Then v slept and woke up in the morning and did the same twice. Then I left for home. This repeated for 3 to 4 times. I use to go to his room and use to do get fucked by him. Then I use to give a blowjob also which he guided me how to give.

Later we didn’t get chance to do it as he went for his higher studies and he became busy. Hope u like my story guys. Please give me your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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