Ex-girlfriend sex story – Belong to me

Ex-girlfriend sex story – Belong to me

Ex-girlfriend sex story – Belong to me


I am a huge fan off NSS and this is my 1st story plz do support me.

I m Ramtej from Bangalore owns an event company in and around Bangalore works as an event organizer,

This incident happened 5years ago when I was at 19year, The girl in the story her name is Shravya she has perfect shape and curves with round big ass 32 28 36 now coming to the story,

I and one off my friend Surya was smoking in the field at night around 10 to 11 pm and when we about to move to pay the bill in the bakery then comes a girl with hesitate to take cigi standing blank and checking surroundings and asked shopkeeper to give any cigi and left immediately, as we were there only again took half pack cigi and entered to field were she was sitting and asked her for light and she gave lighter and we thanked her and went a few steps ahead sat, a few minutes later we came back to her and asked her can we sit next to her and she accepted.

sex story
sex story

Then we introduce yourself and my friend started asking,

Why / what for you here at this time..??

Why u smoking..?? Etc

She was ditched by one guy and in that frustration, she was smoking at this time and not sleepy so she was there.

Then my friend exchanged no and we all left the place at 11 30 pm.

One week later when I had enquired about her to my friend, he said they both got close to each other and planed one nightstand in her home next week when her parents want to leave the city.

Then I asked him to share her no but he denied and I somehow managed to take and started texting her, as we know each other it went smoothly for the 1st day and continued next day with good morning and unexpectedly we met in Jayanagar and spoke for sometime and had some milkshake and left at end of the day we again met in park at 8 when no one was around, we shared a lot of things and were laughing and suddenly I asked her for a “kiss” she was shocked for a movement and was mute for some time and I again asked shall we kiss, she started crying and ran from the place without any response I began to call immediately but no response from her until she reached her home, later I moved to bakery were I smoke and texted her “sorry” and consoled her for my behaviour and sleepy, next day routine I pinged her and spoke for sometime and planned for movie that night and morning I picked her from Wilson garden bus stand and reached central mall in JP Nagar and took tickets for Kiladi 786 and movie started in middle I was watching her boobs at corner of my eyes and was horny, I want to feel her boobs and suck her lips right there but I could control my urge and behave normal and left after the movie, later we had lunch in Jaynagar and went to near by park were there only couples arrive.

Still, we had 3 hours to spend for the day and was chatting about stuff etc, then the topic came about kiss and pleasure.

Me: can I ask you some


She: yes

Me: can u tell how to please a girl to get into the mood.

She: how can u ask this to me.

Me: plz tell me, if we smooch ill we

get into mood..?

She: yes.

Me: if we press boobs..??

She: yes.

Me: if I catch ur hips I’ll u get into the mood.

She: yes.

Me: then shall we try..?

She: you want to do practically on me.?

Me: yes.

She: ur naughty.

Me: yes.

And within no time I pulled her close to me and gave a kiss to her lips and one hand catching her hips.

Me: Then I asked her is this working are you in mood.?

She: yes

Then we french kissed and in between pressing her boobs and enjoying the session till 5 pm.

Then we drove to her home in my bike while driving she was kissing my collarbone and sucking my ears and pleasing me.

I know she was horny now and asked her will have some real fun for that she said her mom ill leave home @ 5 pm to Lalbagh and returns @ 7pm daily if she gets a good chance ill definitely call me.

Then I dropped her near home and hugged her wishing bye and left. Then in the evening we spoke abt entire day and did sex chat in the late night till 2 r 3 pm and we slept.

Next day went normally till evening and I was waiting near the bakery where her mom pass nearby and I moved to a medical store and took one pack of flavoured condom and entire their apartment and called her and asked her to open the door. ( She was shocked) I went inside sat on the sofa and she came with the glass of water.

Then we both sat next to each other without a word I pulled her and kissed her lips and she separated and said ill go to her bedroom and went inside and sat on her bed and looked at each other eyes and came close to her face and kissed her forehead and came to her eyes gave a peak and held her face and kiss her lips, within no time we were kissing like mad dogs and we french kissed for almost 20 mins and got separated, then I took her tank top and pressing her soft boobs with one hand and sucking her lower lip and switched to her boobs by coming down and licking exactly over and above her nipple to which she was fully aroused and giving her nipple to suck more by pressing my head and I sucked and teased her lot more, then I asked her to suck my tool to which she readily accepted without any word and slipped my track till knee and took her hand and guided to her, she pushed me on bed and I lay down and she came with tongue open and rolling from down to up and teasing me by kissing, and just a lick on it.

This made me go horny and felt tickle and was controlling my laugh and suddenly she took completely in her mouth and started sucking like a real pro. Her hands and tongue were really making me feel like heaven, she sucked till I come in her mouth and she gulped some off it.

Next what happened..??

It will be in next part

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