Brother in Law’s Mom english sex story

Brother in Law’s Mom english sex story

insect english sex story mom and brother

My sister has been married for the last 25 years to a fairly nice guy, he doesn’t work much, but he is nice enough. His Mom and Dad are really good people, I like them a lot. I really like his Mom, she is a real sweetheart, and will go out of her way to make everyone happy. I know she sure made me happy! I’ve had a crush on her since the first time I saw her, knowing nothing would ever become of it, I thought!

I hadn’t been back to see them in years since getting married and moving myself, and decided it was past time to go there for a visit. There was only one place to stay, and that was at Sandhya and Anand’s house, my brother in laws parents. Since all the kids are grown and moved out they have plenty of room. She said I would be more than welcome to stay there and Anand could care less, since her works late nearly every night. I was planning to be there for around 2 or 3 day’s catching up with my old friends in Fort Worth. Sandhya asked me how I liked living in Oklahoma, I told her, “The only thing that keeps Texas from drifting out to sea, is Oklahoma SUCKS!” But since my wife is from there I didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter.

We all had a nice visit the day and evening of my arrival, she then showed me to the room I would sleep in. I gave her a hug,

“Thanks for everything!” and it seemed she held on a little longer than a normal hug would, but I wasn’t going to complain. Her large tits were pressed into my chest, giving me ammunition for my late night jack off session. I had a great fantasy already for my use, having had her on my mind all day as I watched her taking care of everything.

The next morning I went to the rest room, thinking everyone would be asleep at 6 A.M. and had my dick half way out off my boxers when I walked into the bathroom, holding my good morning world erection in my hand. And there was Sandhya standing at the sink having just finished brushing her teeth. She turned and looked at me, then my dick in my hand, and never batting a eye

“Well, it looks like someone may have sausage for breakfast!” I blushed for being so stupid! Sandhya just laughed and said, “I raised 4 boy’s, and have seen enough of those not to be embarrassed at seeing another one. But I do have to admit, that is the first hard one I’ve seen in over 8 years!”

I went and dressed then as we sat and had coffee, I asked her about the 8-year thing. We had never been shy around each other, always flirting and such. She explained that Anand had been on some medicine that kept him from getting an erection, and with a heavy sigh she added,

“I sure miss that part! Seeing yours this morning sure brought back some good memories!”

I was at a loss for words and when I found my tongue.

“But I had heard that you never liked sex anyway!”

She laughed and said, “What idiot told you that? I have always loved sex and when I went through menopause I wanted it 24/7 and couldn’t have it because Anand cant. And fingers can only do so much for a person!”

I was really getting embarrassed at the turn our conversation had taken. About then Anand came in rubbing his eye’s, said Mornin’ and went to take his shower. We all had breakfast and Anand left for work, so that left Sandhya and I there alone. We had some more coffee and went to watch a movie she had rented. I was laying on the couch and her in a recliner. I fell asleep almost at the end of it. When I woke up I looked over.

“Sorry guess I was a Little more tired than I thought I was!”

She never moved her eyes, she was staring at my crotch. “You need to stop that!

“Stop what? I asked still waking up.

“THAT!” and she pointed at my dick poking out in my jeans.

“Ohhhhh! I’m sorry it seems to have a mind of it’s own! I smiled at her.

Her tone changed as she said, “You know that if you don’t use it, you will lose it don’t you.”

I let her know there was only way I could use it here and I did that last night, she looked in my eyes and said, “No, there’s another way you can use it here. You can use it on me if you want!”

My face surely showed my shock, because she then said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, I guess I should keep my big mouth shut, and your happily married anyways!”

“I have not been happily married in 5 years, and as far as a sex life that is nearly nonexistent at my house.”

“It is nonexistent in ours.”

We talked about how that was unfair to so many people, wanting sex and having a spouse who either couldn’t or wouldn’t give it!

“Are you serious about me using it on you?”

She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’ve never been more serious!”

I still didn’t believe her, “OK then, prove it!”

Sandhya got up and sat on the floor with her face near my crotch, unzipped my pants then pulled my dick out and began giving me a blowjob to end all blowjobs. I’ve had a few head jobs in my life but never one with such a warm tender touch as hers. It was as if she wanted to make sure it was the best I ever would have. Needless to say she succeeded in her quest. For a sixty-year-old woman she must have practiced this for years, I lay back and enjoyed her loving as I held her head to my cock. I never had a woman get so vocal when giving me head, but she really got into it as her head bobbed on me and her hand jerked at the base of my cock.

Even thought I had jacked off last night I didn’t last long with her expert oral talent. I let her know I was close to Cumming just in case she didn’t want it in her mouth like my wife, but she only got more into sucking me when I told her that. Her face was bouncing in a blur as she sucked my cock. I shot a heavy load in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat as it shot spurt after spurt while she swallowed it, moaning as her hand had went to her pussy rubbing it furiously. She sucked me until I was soft, then got up and lay beside me on the couch.

“That’s the second time I’ve ever swallowed that before, yours is so much better than Anands tasted.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, because it was the best I’ve ever had myself!”

I then had to see her beautiful larger tits that had been a major part of my desire for her all these years. I unbuttoned her robe, exposing them to my lusting eyes, and she got shy on me.

“Please don’t look at me, I’m so fat now and know I’m not sexy anymore.”

“You always have been and always will be one of the sexiest women I have ever known.”

I undressed her completely then lowered my face to her pussy, I expected more hair on her than she had, but wasn’t disappointed at the way she tasted. She has one of the prettiest pussy’s I’ve ever seen. Thin lips on it, that opened up like a flower showing her pinkness and her small clit standing up. I wrapped my lips around her clit, gently sucking it as her hips shook from the intensity of her sexual release. Her pussy got extremely wet fast, filling my taste buds with her sweet juices.

She held my head close to her as she began to have the first orgasm that she had not induced herself in years. She later told me Anand didn’t enjoy oral sex unless he was getting it. I was amazed at how excited she got as she had her orgasm. Her hips ground into my face and she held my hair, pulling me in her crotch as she came again, crying out with her pent up sexual frustration finally being let loose.

I had to have this woman on my cock, and I moved up opening her legs

“You want it? You put it in!”

It’s a good thing it’s attached at the base or it would’ve come off in her hand as she pulled me roughly to her dripping pussy, aiming it at her slit and shoving her hips to me. It may have been the added pounds she had put on or maybe the lack of sexual use, but she had a pussy so tight a virgin would be proud to have had her pussy. Sandhya is so tight and the softest, slickest pussy I’ve ever stuck my dick in. She feels like wet slick velvet wrapped around my cock. It didn’t matter that she is 15 years older than me, or my brother in laws mother. This is the best pussy I have ever had.

Sandhya went wild as I started pumping my cock in her. She got so wet I was afraid it would show on the couch. She bucked like a wild young colt with its first rider. I held her shoulders to force all of my length in her.

As she fucked me like a woman possessed, I listened to her crying out my name, begging me to fuck her. I was happy to please her, as I reached down and tweaked her large thick nipple in my fingers. Her legs wrapped around my waist as she pulled me in her as far as I could go and ground her hips forcing her clit on my pubic bone causing her to orgasm again. This set my own orgasm off, and I shot her wet pussy with my second load this morning.

We lay there in our sexual afterglow, and held each other kissing and hugging, only sorry we had not done this 20 years ago. We had lunch and discussed what had happened between us and that we could never tell because of our families. But that it would not stop us from doing this again whenever we could. After lunch I had her sit in front of me with her large tits wrapped around my cock and fucked her tits letting her lick the head of my cock when it poked out of the top of her mountains. Sandhya told me she had never been titty fucked before. What a fucking waste of beautiful dark nipple covered flesh.

She then told me her favorite position was doggy style, well always a gentleman I had to please. She got on her hands and knees, I held her pretty white ass open as I teased her cunt with my cock. Sliding my dick along her wet slit, then sticking it in an inch or so and taking it out.

She begged me, “Please don’t tease me, give me you cock, I want it in me so badly!”

With that comment I rammed it al the way in with one shove. She gasped loudly as I filled her sexual cavity with my hard cock. Her breathing coming faster as I held her wide hips and slammed my cock in her.

“Oh god, I love feeling your balls slapping my pussy!” she cried out as she came, flooding my dick with her wetness. My balls sticky with her juice. I stared at her ass as it bounced when I slammed my cock in her, so I grabbed a handful of ass cheek in each hand and pulled her to me roughly. It seemed to make her even more excited when I did and she bucked against me harder.

I never had a woman have multiple orgasms with me, but Sandhya didn’t seem to be able to stop Cumming. She was breathing so fast I thought she would hyperventilate so I slowed down.

“NO!” she screamed out at me, “Don’t slow down, Fuck me hard, please make me cum again and again, PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!”

I resumed my assault on her sweet pussy as it clung tightly to my cock. I was fixing to Cum again as she humped against me, I pulled out my cock and jacked off on her ass, sliding my cock up the crack of it, feeling her pussy juice and what was left of my cum make her ass crack slick.

I decided then to stay at least one extra day, and we fucked like teenagers every chance we got for the next three days. As I was leaving Sandhya actually cried, almost breaking my heart. It’s such a shame, this life. Marrying partners not sexually compatible and not wanting to divorce because of the children. But so goes my life! I can assure you though I am not going to wait long this time to go back for a visit!

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