Blackmail My Mother | English Sex Story

Blackmail My Mother | English Sex Story

First of all I am sorry for my English, my English is not perfect. Today I am going to tell you a great incident of my life, my name is Ankur Kumar Shrivastav, I am 23 years old. I am the only child of my parents. My fathers name is Mohan Kumar Shrivastav, he is 46 years old. My mothers name is Anita Shrivastav, she is 43 years old, she doesnt look like a heroine but she beautiful enough to raise anybodys dick. This incident happened 3 years earlier, When we were living in Gurgaon ( Haryana ), my father lost his job and after that he could not find any job and got depressed and started drinking heavenly due to which our family economy gone very down. Then my mother decided to do job and after lots of interviews she got the job in a Mobile call center as a call attendant and after a month with the help of my mother I also got the job in the same call center as a call attendant. And also I was doing private B.A. side by side. After one month I got promoted as a team leader and my mother got promoted as a manager. Now our family economic situation got stronger. After a couple of months one day I heard some ladies talking in the office that I got promotion due to my mother and my mother got promotion because she has an affair with our boss ( our boss is around 47 years). I got very angry and on the spot I asked that ladies what vulgar they were talking, then that ladies said sorry and went.

After some days I again heard some people talking about my mothers affair but I didnt said anything to them, after some days these affair talking increased. And now I also got a doubt in my mind because of those sudden promotions and one more thing my mother use to do night shift at least thrice a week. Then I made a plan to chase my mother when she will go to the night shift to find the truth. One night when she was going to the night shift, she hired a taxi from a turn and after 20 minutes ride I found that she was not going to the office, she went to a big house which was around 5 k.m. far from our office. Our boss`s car was parked outside that house. I was chasing her on my bike. I was shocked and angry when I saw that my mother was entering that big house. I have decided that today I will just kill that bastard man.

Then I got down from my bike and started heading toward that house. That house was just 30 or 35 footsteps far from me, while heading toward that house several thoughts came in my mind like my mother will enter in the house then after some time that bastard will take off her saree then her blouse, petticoat, bra her panty and then he will do that……… oh I will kill that man.

Then suddenly I stopped and found that these were my hidden desires since I was of 18 years I always desired to fuck my mother, love her as a lover I always want to take off her saree with my own hands, want to feel her body her private parts her melons like boobs her wide ass, want to feel my dick inside her pussy, heat of her body….. want to feel myself inside her arms. Actually I always liked mature ladies more than a girl. So I stopped and changed the plan. My plan was firstly Ill emotional blackmail her and if she doesnt agree then Ill directly blackmail her. Then I went back to home and then I called my mother on her cell and told her that father is shouting and struggling very badly and she has to come at any cost but mom refused to come but after half-an hour of arguing on the cell she agreed to come. Then after half-an hour she came and founded that there is nothing wrong with my father. Then she came in my room and asked me what happened. I said to sit her. She sat on the edge of the bed. Then…..

ME : Where you were being ?
MOM : In the office, you know that.
ME : Yeah, but you dont know that tonight I chased you and you have gone to a house to the boss, I knew everything
MOM : ( She was just blank ) what are you talking about ?
ME : Mom I know everything that you never gone to night shift, you always goes to that house where our boss already waits for you to come and then you both…….. and don
t lie me I have seen you in that house and I know that this the reason why you got the promotion.
MOM : ( she started crying ) I have done this just to live a better life. I was alone. But I promise you, Ill not do this again and Ill leave that job also. I am sorry. Please don`t tell anybody.

ME : ( I stopped my mom crying ) mom, listen to me, I can understand, but I want to tell something else.
ME : ( after 5 or 6 seconds ) Mom, I love you as a son but more as a lover , mom, mom listen me listen me I really love you from past 4 years and I want you to love me more as your lover. I cant see you with some other man. I feel jealous. And I can be the man in your life who can keep you happy and satisfied also.
MOM : What are you saying, have you gone mad, I am your mom and this is a sin, this can
t happen.
ME : Mom this is not a sin. Look mom just think I am a man and you are a woman and love can happen with anybody. It happens automatically. It does`nt happens by thinking first.
MOM : No,
ME : Mom I love you, I love you very much.

MOM : You have gone mad. I am your mother and you want me to sleep with you.
ME : Mom you think that I only love your body but this is not true, I love you by heart, loves your everything loves you in all ways in all conditions. At least give me a chance to be the man in your life.

After 1 hour of arguing,,,,,,,,,,, I finally said……

ME : Mom I know this is not easy for you but I promise you, Ill keep happy and I am not saying that just give me the answer right now, you can think over it, and Mom really really I love you by heart, I want you to be mine and if you think I dont deserve your love, I cant be the man of your life, I dont deserve the beautiful lady like you, then forget everything I have said and you are free to do anything…… Mom Ill be waiting for your answer, just assume that a man has purposed you, nothing else, it will make you easy. And at least give me a chance and Ill prove you that no man can be better than me in your life. Several hours passed but she did`nt answer me.

Next day I and mom both we did not gone to office. Mom was in her room and I was in my room waiting for her answer. It was 10:30 a.m. and It was clear that she will not agree. The whole day has passed she didnt even spoke with me and till now I have lost my hope also. Then at 10 p.m. I went to my room to sleep, I was trying to sleep but cant sleep, 3 hours passed and still I was not able to sleep. Then around 1:10 a.m. somebody knocked my rooms door I understood this will be my mother but I didnt know what will be her answer, I was nervous. I opened the door and found my mother and oh my god she was looking awesome, she was in dark blue silk saree ( that was my favorite ) with a smile on her face. We both were not speaking. She just locked the door and lied on the bed. I understood that she was in my favour.

She said me to switch off the lights but I refused and said that I love you mom and I want to see in your eyes. Then I went to the bed and lied beside her. We both were looking into each others eyes and then I started kissing, her lips her cheeks ears neck I became wild and she was supporting me in full motion my hands were pressing her boobs. She was moaning Mmmmmmmmm Aaaaaaaa Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I was kissing her everywhere then I opened her blouse and her bra, oh my god her boobs was eagerly waiting to come out, big light brown boobs with dark brown of nipples. I was sucking eating biting her boobs like a animal then I opened her hair made them free then suddenly my mom pushed me and came over me and start kissing me everywhere then she opened my shirt and vest. She was kissing my chest like she wants to eat me. Then I came over her kissing and kissing while she opened my lower and put her hand in my underwear and caught my dick sliding it up and down and I was kissing sucking crushing her boobs. Oh the heat I can`t forget.

Then I opened her saree and now she was in petticoat. But my mom was so heated that she herself thrown her petticoat and her panty. I was sucking boobs, then I moved down kissing her stomach her navel and then her pussy, I inserted two fingers in her pussy her legs got apart in a frog style. I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started licking like a dog, her breadth became heavy she was moaning Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ohhhhhhhh. She was pressing my head towards her pussy and she was pushing her pussy up and down to take my tongue inside her pussy as much as she can.

Then she released some fluid twice and I drank that, It was sweet and salty in taste, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm AAAAhhhhhhhhhh, after 4 or 5 minutes she couldnt wait anymore and she pulled me upwards and lead my dick toward her pussy but I want to play some time more I turned herself on her stomach and I kissed her backside each and every place of her back and then I moved toward her ass oh that beautiful lovely big ass and put my tongue in her ass Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Aaaaaaaaa OOhhhhhhh she was moaning and moaning and throwing her ass upward to take my tongue inside her, after licking her back I turned her again, she was under me I was looking into her eyes and she was looking into my eyes then she held my cock and lead it inside her pussy and this time with a slight push I entered my dick inside her pussy she moaned loudly Mmmmmmmmmmmm AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, then I started stroking, slowly slowly I was increasing my speed and she was supporting me she was pushing her ass up and down and moaning in pleasure aaahhhha ahhhhhha aahhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Oh god what a feel it was. My dick was inside her pussy I was stroking her she was moaning and pushing her pussy and her hands were on my back to pull me towards her . This all was happening with her permission. I was fucking her in full speed harder and harder, about 15 minutes I fucked her and then I discharged my semen inside her and lied over her and her arms were around me oh………….

After 1 hour my mother came over me again kissing me and then got down and started sucking my cock. What a feel it was. After 5 minuter my dick was ready again and then she hold my dick and inserted into her pussy and started riding. My mother was over me she was riding my dick and I was just pressing her big boobs and enjoying her stroking. About 15 minute she rided over me and this time we both reached to the climax at the same time and then we both were lied beside each other. And that night we both slept on the same bed without any clothes, when I awake in the morning my mom was not there she was in the washroom, then I got up to wear my underwear and when I saw the mirror I saw there were many spots of kiss lips-stick on my whole body, everywhere where my mother kissed me. Oh what a night I can`t forget.

Then we both left our jobs and shifted to some other state. ( Of course Ill not tell you the state ). This incident was happened one year before. I have sent my father to a drug addiction free center and hell be back in two or three weeks. We still live like that she is my mother and I am her son and my father will come back soon but now we are happy because we both love each other and we both enjoy our sexual life atleast four times a week. But now my mother want that I should be married to a beautiful girl atleast after couples of years. Till then she will be my woman.

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